China presents second batch of medical supplies

Photo: Charge d'affaires of the Chinese embassy in Ghana Zhu Jing (1st L) hands over medical supplies to Ghana's deputy minister for health Bernard Okoe Boye (2nd L). Credit: Xinhua

The Charge D’Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Ghana Mr. Zhu Jing attended and addressed the handover ceremony of the second batch of Chinese government’s medical supplies to the Deputy Ministry of Health.

The Minister of Health, Bernard Okoe-Boye, Economic and Commercial Counsellor of the Embassy Mr. Chai Zhijing attended the ceremony.

Mr. Zhu mentioned the Chinese Embassy handed over the first batch of emergency medical supplies from the Chinese Government to Ghana and other 17 Western African countries, which is the first chartered flight to deliver medical supplies to Ghana.

He said the Embassy is now officially handing over the second batch to the Ministry of Health of Ghana, which includes 20,000 N95 Protective Face Masks, 350,000 Surgical Masks, 10,000 Disposable Coveralls, 15,000 Medical Goggles, 15,000 Pair of Disposable Nitrile Gloves, and 3000 Pair of Disposable Shoe Covers.

Mr. Zhu spoke highly of Ghana’s efforts to flatten the pandemic. He said that the Ghanaian Government has been taking rigorous and effective measures to fight the pandemic. The number of active cases is now under 1000. The Kotoko International Airport has been reopened. The government of Ghana has done a commendable job, which should be highly appreciated and fully supported.

Mr. Zhu said China, like Ghana the other countries, also suffered a lot from the virus. Under the strong leadership of President Xi Jinping, the whole nation has been fighting an all-out people’s war against the epidemic. They have made important progress in the prevention and control efforts so far. The number of local growth cases in China is nearly zero almost a month. And the development progress of COVID-19 vaccine is also exciting.

According to WHO, Six vaccine candidates are currently in phase III clinical trials, and three of them are from China. Hopefully, by the end of the year, there will be some successful news of them.

Before the conclusion, Mr. Zhu emphasized that the virus respects no borders and friendship has no boundaries. The Chinese Government and the Chinese People, including those in Ghana, will do their best to help Ghana. He believed that as long as we stay in solidarity, we will definitely win the battle against the Pandemic.

The Deputy Minister of Health commended China’s progress in pandemic control, gave special thanks to the Chinese Government for their supports. He said that Ghana has already and will continue to work with the world community, including China, to fight against the pandemic.

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