Poetry Corner with Kwesi Bissue: Till dusty times do us part

Photo: Dusty road. Credit: Graphic Online

Men would come to the city gate
Open the gate and gape
…and gauge the raging rain
Men would shut the gate
…and enter their interior rooms to intercede
Men would wake up in the morning
…and begin mourning over their loss

Oh floods just flooded our homes
…and made us homeless
Floods flooded our roads and pathways
…and made them pot-ways and belly-ways
Holes transmogrified from potholes
…into bellies of whales overnight
…into roads of many miniature dams

Madmo would come to the city gate
To split open the gate… slide the sliding door to the side
And gauge the raging rain
Oh flooding needs funding from fund master

In the meantime
…commiseration would be the new consolation
To compensate for delayed action
To compensate for lives missing in action
Oh Madmo was caught off guard
By the cloudless rain in June
By their clueless reading of the moon

Mud would slide from the hillside and coincide with passing traffic
Oh mud muddling and meddling in the free flow
Mud diverting the diversion on a divided mountain road
Oh how interesting
…mountaineering engineering interfering with steering

Madmo cries out loud!!!
Oh we are only man-made
Made to combat God-made damage
We can only manage the damage

A bridge over troubled water
Will give way to travelling water
Travelling water will mess up
…the merchandise of the merchant
Travelling water will take away
…lives long lived
…lives young lived

Madmo bemoans!!!
Our stitch in time saved none
So we rested on our oars
As we counted the hours… of doom

Men would come to the city gate
Open the gate and spy at a spilling dam
…from a spillway
…from Bargary to Volta
…from Densu to Weija
From a dam into a farm
Oh spilling spilled into our land spoiled our toil

Men would come to the city gate
And propagate to irrigate
Before it would be too late
The Bargary would not wait to be baited
The Volta voluminously remained volatile
The Weija would not want to be tamed late
The Densu would always be dense with nsu

Men would come to the city gate
Open the gate and gape
…at the receding troubling rain
…at the declining heavy outpour
…smile at the incoming ubiquitous sunshine

Men would rise to the vulture occasion
And wait till another rainy day
To build a lasting house
Here are sunny days…hurray!!!
Here are dusty ways…hurray!!!

Men would sing a sigh of relief
…till another rainy day

Madmo would hang their boots
Wouldn’t give a hoot
Till the next…

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