El-Shatta: a brand ambassador’s role for business turnover

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Samuel Agyeman-Prempeh

In June 2018, multiple award-winning and globally celebrated dancehall artiste, Charles “Shatta Wale” Nii Armah Mensah Jr., received a recognition for the Marketing Campaign of the Year award by indigenous manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, Kasapreko Company Limited, for his posture in promoting the company’s products particularly Storm Energy Drink.

The success of this beverage led the management of this top Ghanaian company in the competitive beverage space to further the contractual agreement to customize Storm Energy drink for SM fans by placing the sacred Shatta Movement logo as part of the packaging bottle.

While the Gringo hitmaker is a case study on the subject of branding and the all-important role of a brand ambassador in creating and increasing the visibility of a product or service offering of a business, we will diffuse his prowess with other influencers to appreciate the business lessons in representing a brand.

Talk of Shatta Wale, his recent global compatriot, Beyonce Knowles signed one of the most expensive brand deals in history. The 2012 endorsement deal was up to the tune of a whopping US$50 million for a decade promotion of Pepsi.

Perhaps the famous of all brand deals is the crazy Nike deal which earns superstar basketball player Michael Jordan an unbelievable amount of US$60 million annually! We can talk of Usain Bolt doing it for Puma at US$10 million each year, among other expensive endorsements deals.

The question is not why a company will pay huge amounts to an individual, the most important question is why not? How many of us are not intrigued by Hi-sense products because of Nana Ama McBrown? Or tell me Abedi Pele did not influence you to buy Parlays biscuits back in the day.

In the third quarter of 2019, an estimated 6,000 handsets of Infinix Hot 8, was reportedly sold on a single day in September. Thanks to El-Shatta! Artiste of the Year and Kuami Eugene, Highlife Artiste of the Year 2020 by the Ghana Music Awards, creatively gets fans hooked on to their Itel phones.

Here are 4 (four) strategic contributions a brand ambassador can make to achieve the marketing goals of your business:

  1. Pah-pah-pah-pah:

One of the first roles of a brand ambassador will be to announce the presence of a product or service offering of a business. Either through social or traditional media, an influencer will create awareness of the brand they represent and make consistent efforts to increase its visibility with short skits and periodic photos among others to that effect. Just like how Shatta will announce his presence with a slogan, brand ambassadors make noise about your product to make more people aware of it.

  1. Yatete so ama mo sei whoo:

Rendered in Twi, Nana Ama McBrown concludes her Hi-sense adverts to communicate the promotional and discount packages and five years manufacturers defect warranty available for patrons. Mikki Osei-Berko alias Master Richard aka Dada Boat, equally does this well in his Kab-Fam adverts. A good brand ambassador will promote your business and make the market know of the cost-saving benefits and value-laden advantages as they use your products.

Same applies to Kalybos for freddies corner as he advertises based on additional items you get when you buy from the shop no matter the amount may trigger people to patronize it due to these additional benefits added to the package

  1. It’s Me:

In the Melcom advert, Asamoah Gyan repeatedly tells a young girl who he is. The girl who is actually a fan of Baby Jet later realises her icon was not only on TV but this time at the shop right by her side- she learns this later when her car had sped off. One of the catches of the advert is the trust and credibility the footballer establishes in the shopping mall’s brand; a good brand ambassador can make everyone shop with you!

  1. Who ‘nose’ tomorrow

Primarily when people hear ‘This way chocolate drink’ the face behind the brand is Akrobeto. Brand experts are aware that people purchase value than mere goods. As once said by marketing guru Seth Godin: people do not buy goods and services; they buy relations, stories and magic.

The marketplace has become so large that there are a lot of similar products and services rendered and sometimes you need to be picky and associate or buy from a trusted brand because Ghanaians have really come to understand branding and so most business owners and companies resort to brand ambassadorial deals since they have a very deep and high engagement with their following base.

The connection built with their audience makes them have high expectations to purchase that product. It is no wonder Akrobeto is the brand that promotes the chocolate drink. Consequently, Beverly Afaglo does same for North Hills International School. Companies have come to terms with the fact that loyalty is firm and extended to people to purchase products.

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