Poetry Corner with Kwesi Bissue: As they tell a tale…

poetry corner

As they tell a tale
…to tell who they are
They tell it to please
…their exalted self to seek
Seeking to pamper glory unto self
As they tell a tale
…to hide what they are
They seek to promote and protect self
Seeking to scoop some gains from gross losses
As they tell a tale
..to justify what they do
They seek to stoop below a dignity
Seeking to propagate to land at the gates of Watergate

Even as they shout it aloud
They spark a start in a refining furnace
To process it into a fine fibre
To fit into the ears of their sort
Even as they thicken the plot
They set forth on a path to polish the first plot
They scheme a cover to cover over a blot
Even as they shout from the rooftop
“Oh how we were miserably misquoted”

Even as they spin it through a mouthpiece
They sing a new song
And design a new signage
To take the place of the old signpost
To post a new image
To superimpose a new style unto an old mistake
To erase to recreate that old misdeed

Even as they shut it in
In an untruthful mouthful
They play to the gallery
Pointing to a gallery of gallant actors
Actors with seared consciences
Actors with a smeared psyche
They that engineered worse acts
…the lying schedule is now routine

Even as they practice to perfect
They perpetuate the cancer of deception
Tossing trust into the river of betrayal
Even as they perfect the practice
They thrust trust into a bottomless mistrust
For trust drowned is trust frozen
For trust tossed about is trust lost

Even as they tell a tale of lies
To bury a pile of truth
Under a pack of lies
…nothing but the whole truth dies

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