Editorial : Long-term development plan would serve nation better

Dr. Felix Addo-Yobo, Director of Policy at the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC)

Dr. Felix Addo-Yobo, Director of Policy at the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) is of the firm conviction that the country’s development should be strategic with an eye on long-term deliverables, rather than short-term ones.

He made the disclosure at a virtual discourse on peace and development organised by Abibiman Foundation, a non-governmental organisation.  We recall that the NDPC under the directorship of Dr. Nii Moi Thompson attempted such a long-term development plan when it drew up a 40-year development plan but that was shelved immediately a new political administration took over the reins of government.

There is a lot of wisdom in what Dr. Felix Addo-Yobo is advocating since it would tailor our development along the national vision and would avoid the situation where one administration comes to power and completely sidelines whatever development plan is in place in order to prosecute manifesto promises.

Any country seeking to promote its own development, enacting a successful long-term development plan is key, regardless of the economic system. China is a rare example of enacting successful long-term national plans in the world.

China’s long-term plan allows some alterations of short-term policies, depending on the impact of short-term plans.

Sustained economic growth, a foundation for poverty reduction and social development, occurs within the framework of good planning, with strong leadership and institutions.

Since the end of World War II, it has become an accepted practice among the governments of the developing countries to publish their “development plans.” These are medium-term plans, usually for a five-year period.

Ghana has since independence ‘toyed’ with five-to-seven-year medium-term development plans of which many were scuttle due to periodic military interventions which left us struggling to adopt sustainable development plans.

We believe as our economy grows, we can venture to draw up long-term development plans that have to be implemented in spite of the political administration in power and their philosophy. They can align it with their party manifesto to achieve the overall developmental goals which would serve the nation better.

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