Prampram’s first mini-mall Nkunim Grocery Store opens


It is first and local. The people of Prampram and its environs will no longer have to trek long distances in search of basic essentials for their homes, because the newly opened mall, Nkunim Grocery Store, has started operating starting Saturday.

Located opposite the water company, the store has all the food and non-food items that can be found anywhere in shopping centres of the country. It also has a frozen-foods outlet that sells chicken wings, breasts, and sea-foods and more.

Prior to the store opening, residents had to trek to community 25 or further to get their groceries. But this development means residents won’t have to travel that far.

The event was attended by friends and well-wishers, who later shopped for various food items.

Yehowa Adom Baiden, the owner, was grateful to her hubby for the effort he put in to realise the dream. She said the idea has been on the table for some time, but had to wait until things stabilised.

She is confident the store is one of many ventures that will come under the Nkunim and Semehyia franchise



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