Dr. Kwaku Oteng receives award for COVID-19 fight efforts

Dr. Kweku Oteng, with the awards displayed

Executive Chairman of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, is the recipient of the coveted ‘fatum mutante honors’ – destiny changer honors – for his humanitarian efforts in the fight against COVID-19 in Ghana at the World Diplomatic COVID-19 Eminence honours in Accra recently.

Under the auspices of the Ministry of Health and in collaboration with government, the National COVID-19 Trust Fund and World Health Organisation (WHO), a citation read in his honour acknowledged his “remarkable support in this COVID-19 pandemic crisis”.

“You have always been a great pillar and a dependable patriot in times of need. Your immeasurable support and valuable voluntary activities around the country to assist the needy are indeed golden,” the citation read.

The exclusive event was jointly put together by World Diplomatic Federation – (WODIF), Institute for Sustainable Environment and Public Health (ISEPH), and Rectitude International Mission (RIM) under the theme ‘building a healthy nation through non-partisan commitment’’.

Speaking at the ceremony, President of RIM, Rina Yarkuel Kerzner, heaped praises on Dr.  Oteng for his outstanding commitment to preserving lives in Ghana.

She acknowledged his dedication to the fight against coronavirus by converting 70% of his alcoholic beverages production line to the manufacture of quality and ‘affordable’ hand sanitisers, and the use of his network of twenty radio stations and two televisions across the country for education on COVID-19 at his personal cost.

“During our monitoring and market observation, we realised that the hand sanitizers are very affordable and accessible to all households to help minimize the spread of COVID-19.

“Besides several donations, his over-20 radio stations all over the country and two TV stations of Angel Group of Companies have all set up COVID-19-dedicated education platforms on their channel to educate people on precautionary measures and symptoms of the coronavirus,” she explained.

In justifying the choice of Dr. Oteng for the enviable honour, Kerzner stressed that: “We think Dr. Kwaku Oteng rightly deserves the due recognition honours we confer on him because of his commitment to rescue and preserve lives. For his reason he has devoted his business focus and direction; and of course this is outstanding.

“I mean we at RIM support and appreciate this bold, courageous decision; to us it is an overwhelmingly profound business commitment to serve, sacrifice and give back so much to society, especially when all these are non-profit focus measures implemented by the Executive Chairman of the Angel Group of Companies, Dr. Kwaku Oteng, to preserve lives in Ghana.  Dr. Kwaku Oteng really approves everything he brings to the market; it’s unique and outstanding. Surprisingly, the research conducted has been proven beyond reasonable doubt”.

Dr. Oteng has since the onset of COVID-19 in Ghana committed in excess of GH¢1,200,000 to mitigating spread of the deadly disease by way of donating his highly endorsed Adonko Hand Sanitisers, personal protection equipment (PPE) and cash to state agencies, vulnerable groups, faith-based organisations, hospitals, schools, individuals and sections of the general public.

This honour adds to his treasure-box of medals, plaques and trophies in recognition of his longstanding efforts in touching lives and shaping society, both home and abroad.

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