Brighter Investment, Business Dev’t Ministry to conduct research on viable career pathways


Brighter Investment, a social enterprise that provides full financial support to talented students in developing countries, in partnership with the Ministry for Business Development and the Association of African Universities (AAU) will be conducting a nationwide career-tracer study on most viable career pathways among Ghanaian graduates in August.

The study broadly seeks to identify the most viable career paths and factors contributing to career development and success among graduates in Ghana.

Graduates from Ghanaian universities, polytechnics and colleges of education between 2010 and 2019 are eligible to participate in this study. Respondents will be required to fill in a structured questionnaire that will only take five minutes to complete.

The outcome of this study will provide policymakers with the needed data to make informed decisions regarding financing education, graduate employability, and business development in Ghana.

Through its partnering organisations, Brighter Investment will be conducting a nationwide tracer study specifically to utilise the results to make informed decisions with regard to higher education in the country and in Africa as a whole, and determine which education programmes hold the highest career prospects for students.

The research is also expected to expand supported programmes and institutions, support more students, inform decisions and create policies to increase employment and empower individuals to take the path of entrepreneurship where and when necessary.

Brighter Investment has tested an investment-led funding model for higher education financing over the last five years in Ghana. The results to date show that BI students have outperformed their peers, increased their incomes, and are less likely to be unemployed with their degrees.

These positive first results suggest that BI’s investment model is a viable solution for improving access to higher education in Ghana. By providing financial support with income-based repayment, more brilliant but needy students in some Ghanaian universities are supported in their university education.

It is important to note that information provided during this study will be used for research purposes and to aid informed decision-making for the collaborators involved in the study. All partners hold a data protection certificate, and will therefore treat data provided by respondents with privacy and not use them for any other purpose outside the purposes stated above.

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