Albert Ocran talks motivation, relationships and more on the Y Leaderboard Series

Albert Ocran.

Internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and Pastor, Albert Ocran, has joined the group of great leaders who have appeared on the trendsetting Y Leaderboard series on Ghana’s number one urban station, YFM.

The awe-inspiring and enjoyable conversation between Albert Ocran and Rev. Erskine on the latest edition touched on the leader’s journey in public speaking, marriage life, authoring and his school days at Mfantispim among others.

Albert stated that among other things, one of the greatest lessons he learnt from his alma mater, Mfantsipim Senior High School was that, what a person is told over and over again can influence one’s outlook.

According to him, “from day one, you are told you are in the best school. And you are told over and over that you are among the best; you are hanging out with the best people. So literally everyone believed that we were in the best place and the best company and it did influence how we carried ourselves; how we spoke, how we thought.”

He believed that parents could adopt this positivity strategy to train and shape their children. He revealed that he was not always the bold public speaker who motivates people with his words. However, as he learned the art of public speaking, he has developed the skill of public speaking.

In his opinion, everything in this life is “learnable” and as such people must move out of their comfort zone to learn new things.

Commenting on how he has become one of the greatest public speakers internationally recognized, he stated, “I never thought I will be a public speaker or anything. I just wanted to live a quiet life. Development much later in life was to shape much of me but it was not something I fathomed in the least I was going to be.”

As one who is recognized for highly inspirational books he authored with his wife Comfort Ocran, Albert shared the vision behind as he said, “We set out to provide an outlet where the thoughts that we were canvassing could be documented for the benefit of young people. It was always about young people.”

While Albert does not view himself as a perfect role model for married couples, he believes that they can learn a thing or two from his marriage life.

According to him, he still learns new things even after many years of marriage. “Even after twenty-seven years of marriage, I still see myself as a learner. It is just every day, one step at a time, exploring the journey. I tell people plain honestly that some of the things that people divorce about, we went through it and we decided just to work it out. It is a very complex situation.”

He advises, “Very often, I think that the things that people go to war over are resolvable. If we will just breathe in and accept that we are different people but we have decided to do this for life, let’s work it out.”

Programmes Manager for Y FM, Eddy Blay, speaking on the interview with Albert Ocran noted, “It is great to know that every week, YFM makes an effort to motivate the youth was inspiring stories from great leaders like Albert Ocran. Albert, in all his activities, is all about motivating and challenging the youth. Today’s session with him has been very educative. I believe Albert has certainly impacted the youth in Ghana in a positive way.”

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