LifeSense with Terry Mante: Junction of destiny: Between a rock and a hard place


“God gives us the opportunity to choose what we want and the choices determine the outcome of our lives.”


A junction is a place where two or more roads meet. It is a place of options. It is a place of decisions and a place of choice. It is a season in your life when crucial choices are made. These choices impact greatly on our destiny. What you do at your junction will be determined by how you perceive your destiny.

Destiny relates to a future condition, situation or occurrence. However, when it comes to how the future occurs, there are two broad paradigms.

Destiny – a matter of course

Some people believe that destiny is a matter of course and that the future happens to us.  They believe that there is a force that controls the future of all people. This force determines how our future will be. So no matter what we do, we cannot alter the predetermined circumstances of the future.

Those who spiritualize this perspective are of the view that God is absolutely responsible for their future. They tend to relax hoping that things will work out. And if something doesn’t go as they wish, they simply accept it as their God-designed destiny. For these people, what they consider as spirituality is at best superstition.

Destiny – a matter of choice

Those who see destiny as a matter of choice hold the view that the future is solely a result of their decisions, choices, actions and even inactions. Such people work so hard that no matter how tired they are, they will get involved if they perceive that a particular activity will generate substantial returns.

However, these are the people who will tell you that they are resting if you invite them to church on Sunday morning. Their quest to be pragmatic makes them behave as if they are pagans. They lose their sense of God.

Destiny – course and choice

There is another view which blends the course and choice paradigms of destiny. This view holds that human beings are destined to live in dignity, we have a responsibility to contribute to the manifestation of our predetermined destiny. Our choices, decisions, actions and inactions determine whether or not we live to experience the future we so desire to experience.

God has predetermined our destiny. However, He does not impose it on us. He gives us the opportunity to choose what we want and the choices we make determine the outcome of our lives.

At the Junction of Destiny

The junction of destiny is a difficult place to be because this is where hard choices are made. It is that season in your life where you know that the options you have are delicate and the consequences could be far-reaching. This could make you feel distressed, deserted and disoriented. Even when you seem to know the right path to take, you might feel a sense of weakness on your part. Your spirit may be willing but your body could feel weak. What should you do to ensure that you take the path of sanity?

  1. Acknowledge the junction or season: The first thing to do is to recognize where you find yourself in life. Without this recognition, the likelihood of making an uninformed decision will be high. Knowing where you are is a helpful guide to determining where you have to go.
  2. Admit your vulnerability: The junction of destiny is a difficult place to be. It makes you vulnerable. Your pain capacity gets tested. During this moment of test, the likelihood to succumb and yield to the path of least resistance. The path of least resistance might not lead you to your desired destination all the time.
  3. Associate with discerning people: It is a good thing to share your burdens with others. However, it is frustrating to share them with the wrong people. Don’t worsen your plight by relying on people who have no clue about your perplexity or people who don’t have your interest at heart. Be sure that people you let in on your confusion are knowledgeable and inspiring but not ignorant and judgmental.
  4. Accept responsibility: Although there may be people who would show love and empathize with us in our moments of despondency, they cannot carry our burdens for us. They may counsel, encourage or sympathize. However, the impact of the decisions, choices and actions will depend on you. Don’t allow anybody to make decisions on your behalf. Embrace your season and own your decisions.
  5. Appeal for God’s guidance: When you are confused, the best course of action will be to rely on the guidance of the One who knows all things. If you earnestly talk to God when you are in a quandary, you will receive wise counsel from Him. The counsel of God prevails in the most confusing situation and helps you to navigate every complex maze of life.

Choices at the junction of destiny are difficult to make, especially when the options are not black and white but grey and ash. But you have to determine to make good choices. You can’t afford to make a wrong decision; neither can you afford to be indecisive. Use the five keys above and hopefully, you will be on the path to a brighter future.

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