Churches, mosques reopen fully but with two hour sessions


President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has lifted restrictions on religious gathering from an hour to two hours.

He intimated this in his 14th address to the nation on measures taken against spread of coronavirus.

“Our churches and mosques have been open for prayers and services over the past seven weeks adhering to 25 percent occupancy or up to 100 congregants over a time duration of up to one hour per service.

I extend my deepest appreciation to all religious leaders for their strict adherence to all safety protocols which have prevented outbreaks  since they started services.

I have sorely missed going to church as many have. I am therefore very happy to announce that in consultation with our church leaders from 1st August, 2020, restrictions on the number of congregants worshipping at a time will be lifted with the length of time  moved from one to two hours per service,” he said.

He further stated that churches participating in these new measures must ensure that congregants observe all safety protocols at all times.

The president urged all religious bodies to maintain a more ventilated room for their places of worship.
He explained that the second phase of easing restrictions includes the reopening of tourist sites to the public.

“Tourist sites can begin to receive visitors, open air bars can begin to operate. These facilities are tasked to ensure strict adherence to all safety protocols,” he said.

Beaches, pubs, cinemas and nightclubs however, remain closed until further notice.

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