Ejuuma, the smart recruitment platform utilizing technology for accurate job matching


Ejuuma, an online recruitment platform that uses digital technology including cutting edge AI and a job-matching algorithm to accurately match job applicants with employers has launched in Ghana.

Ejuuma provides an instant, accessible, time and cost-saving mechanism that addresses some of the critical recruiting considerations such as eliminating the risk of bias or subjectivity in the evaluation of CVs, measuring the levels of integrity of applicants, and shortlisting the best candidates in the shortest time and at least cost. Ejuuma’s job order and resume parsing software automatically detect and operates in more fully supported languages, dialects and locales than any other vendor with an unmatched speed average parsing times of about 500 ms per transaction.

“Increasing digitization has unlocked new opportunities and raised new challenges in recruitment. Ejuuma is an easy, instant, reliable, and transparent solution for both employers and applicants and enhances the competitive advantage of a company through smart recruitment. Our AI matching engine understands candidates as humans with career profiles not just a string of keywords. It recognizes that a current mid-level programmer is a far better match for a programming job than a current manager with previous programming experience because we’ve modelled our engine to think like a recruiter, not a machine,” explains Frank Oye, CEO of  SpeakUpp Digital Services, Ltd., developers of Ejuuma.

The platform’s Integrity Testing tool is an online test which provides a detailed report evaluating the candidate’s credibility, reliability and risk that they may expose to the company and increases the percentage of suitable employees for the position.

“Although corporate breaches or unethical behaviours by employees can’t be eliminated entirely, our platform’s Integrity Testing tool helps to reduce such risk and rate of loss to which the organization is exposed by asking questions on a wide variety of topics related to personal values and integrity, including occupational background and criminal records to present a full and accurate reliability profile. As a result, the employee is better adequately matched,” adds Oye.

Ejuuma was developed by SpeakUpp Digital Services Ltd., a wholly-owned Ghanaian company that specializes in designing unique solutions for the  African market. Ejuuma is the latest digital solution to improve the experiences of applicants and recruiters in the labour market.

Ejuuma is offering an introductory one-month free shortlisting promotion package for all recruiters who register on the platform.

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