SMARTKLIQ talks ITU’s Child Online Protection New Guidelines (1)(For Policymakers)


Policymakers need to guarantee that all children can develop and be educated in a safe digital environment. The idea that children are vulnerable and should be protected from all forms of exploitation is outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child” – ITU COP

It is also important to note that more children are now online than ever before as we all go digital in many ways under the COVID-19 restrictions. There is also great concern as parents go about their work but have provided their kids with devices – or let’s say access to internet. It might not necessarily be the fault of parents or guardians, as they have to get out there and work.

As children engage online, they also have to deal with the following pitfalls: inappropriate content, cyber bullying, privacy matters, and sexual solicitation and abuse among others. So, COP may be referred to us the handbook that contains well-researched guidelines which can be applied to mitigate possible threats and harm children may face.


The ITU wants us to know that whereas there is no one solution fits all strategy for ensuring the protection of young ones online, all stakeholders are obligated to come together and ensure that children get the best out of the Internet. Very important to note, also, is the point made about the fact that strategies created should be adaptive and not cast in hard concrete.

It is also true that our world tech transformation keeps changing rapidly, and the type and level of threat may vary from place to place.




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