Poetry Corner with Kwesi Bissue … Faceblues

Kwesi Bissue

So they faced each other on Facebook
In texts and in letters
In notes and in lectures
In words so sweet…so discreet
On selfies and on branded picture profiles
From affectation to infatuation to affection

Then they saw each other in snapshots
Some streaming some trending
Some sitting some standing
Some posing some posturing
All confusing to convince

Then they described one to each other
His training by profession
Her profession by training
His degrees and pedigree
Her essence and preference
Both colluding to connive

So it was time to trace each other after Facebook
He said he lived in Takoradi
So she left Tema to visit her Facebook buddy
For a weekend of introduction and probation
For stimulation and adaptation
…leading to a possible intimacy
…leading to a future nuptial ceremony

She chose a seat close to the window
With her handset fixed near her earlobe
With anticipation printed boldly on her brow
She praised her luck
For landing such a dear
She spoke to him through takeoff…into speed off
Ear witnesses feigned interest…but were actually envious
She laughed over trivia…to show her love drought

Just after the bus passed by the castles of Edina
It began to rain cats and hyenas
That was when the electromagnetic waves in her iPhone
…weakened in stamina
He wouldn’t hear her
He wouldn’t answer

But he was answering face to face to a home bird
Who had slipped through the raging deluge
To seek a warmly manly romantic refuge
To escape the cold wintry night that lay just ahead

Several beats of her heart missed
“What a rainy mess”
The drops continued in torrents
And her heart was enveloped by a torment
The bus continued its descent deep into the West
Then it screeched to a halt in a moment
“Last stop”
Came the bus conductor’s announcement

None but four hovered in the bus
All else were alighting in a rush
But she was unsure where to rush
Where was she to head in the rain?
Why, all her calls were transmitting in vain
All four saw she was in pain
It was tears that expressed her pain
Then one offered to ease her pain

It was a tearful weekend
At the home of her Good Samaritan
A whole weekend spent in Takoradi
But with no sign of her Facebook buddy
All thousand and one live calls registered
But not one of the thousand and one calls was answered
For he was still answering
…breath to breath
…to the home bird
It was only calls and tears galore
Until Monday morning blues

On blue Monday she returned to Tema
Clothed in a high pitch gloomy fever
On her way home a call came through
“The impudence of a caller”
She looked down her handset with eyes turned sore
It was the only number she expected
It was the only number she dreaded
“Oh this contemptible number”
She mustered all the will in her strength
…all the strength in her will
She deleted that despicable number
“Never again!” was her resolve
Never again to be on a wild blind chase for love

That last time
Was the last time
She would book her face
On the Facebook


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