DRC citizen movement kicks against “neocolonialism” by international NGOs

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The Dynamic Governance Actions Opportunity for the Democratic Republic of Congo, (DGAOD for DRC), a citizen movement in the DRC has kicked against what it describes as “neocolonialism” by some international Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs).

In a statement signed by Henri Mutombo of the DGAOD, the group said some international NGOs were “making their bread by imposing the agenda of ‘new settlers’(neocolonialists) on the DRC, whom the statement referred to as cabals against political actors and economic operators using blackmail, threats, undermining campaigns, etc.

The DGAOD mentioned two NGOs; the Platform to Protect Whistleblowers in Africa (PPLAAF), and the GLOBAL WITNESS as agents used by the ‘new settlers’ to impose their agenda on the DRC.

The statement noted that these two NGOs “hate nationalists,” adding that anyone who refuses to bow to them was systematically destroyed in the international media through lobbying circles.

“They work to destroy our patriotism, our national unity, using the division between us to achieve their goals,” the statement said.

The DGAOD observed that, “like the colonists, they want to control our political life, our economic life and our social life, changing their methods to come back differently but with the same goals!”

The group charged Lawyer William Bourdon of PPLAAF and George Soros, the Hungarian-American billionaire investor and philanthropist and their organizations “to stop treating us like children.”

The DGAOD rejected what it said were falsified documents, false accusations and influence on Congolese officials, who give false information to these NGOs by breaking the law.

“These are just some of the attempts to intervene in our lives for imperialist purposes,” the statement said.

The statement further stressed that, “It is time to end the colonialism of Soros and his organizations. Congo is a sovereign state. The Congolese people remain vigilant and determined to fight these old practices which polluted the first 60 years of our independence!”

Referring to the history of the DRC, the statement observed that the Congolese people had been victims of brutality, humiliation of all kinds, and the plunder of their natural resources since 1887, but strong and resilient as they are, they fought at the cost of their blood against colonialism.

“Supposedly for our interests, these colonialists cut off the hands of our ancestors, many were sold and deported. And our wealth was used to build colonial power and their countries”.

“In 1960, we freed ourselves from this yoke of the colonialists. Independent and sovereign, we had made a firm commitment that, we will “never again tolerate” any form of colonialism.”

The DGAOD stressed that 60 years after independence, on June 30, 2020, the King of the Belgians, has apologised for the worst atrocities committed in the Congo, and “As the people awaiting reparation, we will keep lighting the opposition flame against any form of “neocolonialism”, in order to protect our interests, our wealth, against any neo-colonial predation and any “dictate.”

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