Nelson Wilberck Givens set to unleash the power in gospel music


Nelson Wilberck Givens may not be your regular household name in Ghana. It may not even be a name that sounds familiar in the ears of circular music enthusiasts. But in the gospel music space, it’s a name that is attracting admiration and is expected to help take the gospel to the world. Nelson Wilberck Givens, who is popularly known in the gospel music scene as OB Nelson, brings a new twist of spectacular gospel tunes to audiences around Ghana and across the globe.

OB Nelson sees and treats music as an essential food for the soul and thus writes, arranges, composes and serves music lovers with the Lord’s gospel through a silky voice and a remarkable composition that helps build and strengthen the spiritual growth of consumers.

“Gospel Music is healing to the body and soul and no matter where we come from and what we do in our daily routines, music is appreciated and loved by everyone on earth.”

The 25year old’s music ranges through afro-worship and praise and highlife tune. He further explained: “we can all think of at least a song at a time that, when we hear it, it generates an emotional response to our body system,” said Nelson.

A native of Enchi in the Western Region, OB Nelson musical journey has been heavily influenced by the great musicians that the region has produced and is determined to enhance the popular notion that the best indeed come from the west.

“To be excellent, it all starts with the kind of music one listens to. So, I always try to be careful and be observant. I think the best advice comes from those who have failed. The road to success in the Ghanaian music industry takes time but I am always conscious in all I do.”

Consumers that have come across OB Nelson have often been left in awe at his amazing voice and vocal dexterity and are now hailing him as one of the outstanding gospel singers of his generation.

Though he resides in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, now, OB Nelson is expanding his tentacles to lovers of worship and praises tunes in the gospel music industry. “We are much connected to music and as a gospel musician, like others, I started music in gospel since I was 10years.”

Nelson appreciates what a clever heterogeneous repertoire and great feel to gospel music renders patrons of all standards of age can enjoy even at work, home, church and other recreational centres.

Unlike other millennia singers who only focus on churning out singles, OB Nelson is determined to give music lovers a full taste of the gospel when he marks his entry with a full album by 2021. “I planned launching my album before the end of the year but with the novel coronavirus pandemic, it has slowed preparations down but heads are up to get things down rightly to showcase,” he said.

Having experienced the music industry at first hand, OB Nelson advises anyone entering the music space to be humble and focus on the direction of what is supposed to be done. “Everything is in the hands of the Lord and as humans, we just have to be determined to act well,” he noted.

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