Being born into a large family made me people centric – Alhassan Andani


Being born into a royal family and the son of chief, one would have thought that it would be a life of privilege and luxury. But for Alhassan Andani, Chief Executive of Stanbic Bank Ghana, the experience thought him valuable lessons that have influenced his career and his general attitude towards life. His father’s passion for being a father to all who came into contact with him did not only make him realize the value of having people around you but also the need for collaboration among people who co-exist.

“Growing up there were a lot of things I learnt from my father and my circumstances. I learnt the value of people and collaboration among people. Surviving in a difficult environment meant we had to depend on each other and build collaborative networks that will make all of us survive. This has been my attitude towards life and how I relate to people I come into contact with” Mr. Andani said.

Living in a large family also made Alhassan Andani cultivate the attitude of selflessness and the proclivity for catering to the needs of others even when it meant sacrificing your own comfort. This attitude has been a guiding principle for Mr. Andani, which he says contributed to him becoming people centric.

“Having a large family and grappling with the difficulties of society meant we had to depend on each other and take care of each other’s needs. This made me learn how to be selfless, open and cater to the needs of people and also put the needs of others first”, Mr. Andani said.

Everyone who has experienced Mr. Alhassan Andani has come to one indubitable conclusion – Mr. Andani is a people’s person. Speaking on this description, Mr. Andani said perhaps he earned that accolade because he believes all human beings have purposes and there is a reason why God brings them your way.

According to Alhassan Andani “God in his infinite wisdom created every human being with unique qualities. I believe each and every one of us has a special purpose and a reason why God brings them our way. I therefore make a conscious effort to make everyone around me feel special. I also believe that God created me distinct with certain unique qualities and that if l am not around people will feel my absence, I guard that jealously. I believe in myself that I can make a difference”.

Alhassan Andani, who is also the Chief of Pishigu in the Karaga District of the Northern Region, was speaking in a Facebook Live conversation as part of this year’s Father’s Day celebration. Mr. Andani spoke on being a father in a fast changing world.

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