We cannot go back to business as usual – Hannah Akrong


Director of Human Resources at Vodafone Ghana, Hannah Ashiokai Akrong, has said businesses cannot go back to the way they were doing business before the pandemic even if the virus is contained.

Speaking at first 2020 edition of the B&FT’s Ghana’s Most Respected CEO’s Breakfast, Ms Akrong intimated that businesses have changed in light of the global pandemic and have found innovative ways in doing business.

“We have all been disrupted, like it or not by COVID-19, our businesses have transformed, we can’t go back to business as it was, things have changed. Before the lockdown, I had an employee in the UK who wasn’t able to come back and has been very productive working from the UK,” she said.

She further explained that the world has learnt lessons from the pandemic that will have to be used to move businesses into the future. “We have to take the learnings and then go into the future with these learnings and transform our business. These disruptions were forced on us and we have to look at what we can take in order for our businesses to thrive,” she added.

The Ghana’s Most Respected CEO’s Breakfast Series, organised by the Business and Financial Times (B&FT) in partnership with Vodafone Ghana on the theme “Managing an anxious workforce during and post COVID-19 for business continuity” saw a cross section of panellist, Roland Teye, Head of Consulting at Deloitte Ghana, Dr. Hazel Amuah, HR and Leadership Consultant, Dr. Edward Kwarpong, President of the Governing Council of Institute of Human Resource Management Practitioners among others joining in via virtual platforms.

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