The world’s leading COVID-19 disinfectant enters Ghana


The world’s leading disinfectant, which proved effective against the Ebola virus and is now EPA approved to kill the coronavirus, has entered Ghana. Sold worldwide, the Halo Fogger and Halomist combined, offer an unparalleled way of disinfection.

The Halosil Disinfection System has been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the United States to destroy 99.9999% of pathogens, within minutes of contact. Horizon Products Ltd. of the UK, has obtained exclusive license to begin retail distribution in Ghana. The Halo system disinfects an entire room in minutes using a dry fog that is able to rise and reach every surface in an enclosed area, from floor to ceiling and everything in-between. It is a 100% biodegradable product that does not mark or stain surfaces.

“It can be used to disinfect offices, airports and aircrafts, hotels, classrooms, dentists’ surgeries, infection control areas in hospitals and clinics  and  anywhere that a lot of people usually come together,” Mr. Solomon Okoro, Country Representative of Horizon Products Ltd., said. “Its use has gone viral in the United States and in many countries amid the outbreak of the coronavirus because of effectiveness, ease of use with little or no  human aid and affordability.”

The system makes use of a chemical compound known as Halomist, and comes with the Halo Fogger, a simple machine that does the dry misting without the need of human interference. Once deployed, it delivers a highly efficient disinfectant that kills all pathogens groups. Being a dry mist / fog, there is no need to switch off or cover electrical items, rather, it will disinfect them thoroughly as well.

The Halomist compound uses hydrogen peroxide and ionic silver, in a formula that applies three mechanisms of killing action.

    1. It attacks and destroys the cell membrane
    2. Then the silver targets the DNA
    3. Then it destroys the enzymes

This ensures that a broad spectrum of microorganisms, be it spores, bacteria, fungi or viruses, are destroyed and no room is left for resistance or re-growth. The Halo Fogger generates a turbulent aerosol that uses evaporation to see to uniform delivery of Halomist during disinfection of complex rooms. Thoroughly moving Halomist can reach areas beyond the reach of humans and even ultraviolet lights.

The machine options can have hoses that allow for flexibility in positioning of the nozzle to disinfect multiple rooms in rapid succession or to treat a wide range of smaller spaces, such as school vehicles, ambulances, police and military vehicles. “Halo Fogger’s exceptionally dry aerosol is ideal where there are computers or delicate equipment,” Okoro said. “This is a perfect disinfectant to fight the coronavirus and save lives.”

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