Frank Adu Jnr talks leadership, life and banking on the Y Leaderboard series


Ghana’s supreme urban radio station, Y107.9FM has taken edutainment to a whole new level with the all-new Y Leaderboard Series segment on the Myd Morning radio show hosted by Rev Erskine. The ‘Y Leaderboard Series’, which hosts leaders and achievers in various industries globally seeks to develop and provide inspiration to the youth.

The immediate past Managing Director of CalBank, Frank Adu Jnr has shared insights into his journey to and through the financial sector and has also advised the youth to take charge of their lives.

Speaking on Y 107.9 FM’s Yleaderboard Series, he sought to instil in the youth the need for persistence aiming at success and refusing to let limitations hold them back. He noted that he was refused a banking job because he had no knowledge in the financial sector but had to persist and improve on himself, leading to his becoming a part of the CalBank success story.

The banker indicated that he never regretted that moment in his life because he was able to take advantage of it to make him who he currently is.

“I went for an interview at Merchant Bank and I was shortlisted along with one other person. But the job was given to the other individual. And when I inquired why, they said, ‘well he did economics, you did geography, so once he did well on the interview we are not going to employ you. During this time, I started applying for Masters Programs in the US and also at the University of Ghana. I applied for an MBA course and that is how I got into finance,” he told Rev Erskine.

Mr. Adu used the opportunity to advise the youth to keep on improving themselves, grab any advantage they get, noting that nothing in this world is granted on a silver platter. “Take from the person whom you’re understudying or working with, the good sides. You must also be smart as an individual, understand when to make a move if you have to. Humility, as far as I’m concerned, is one of the best attributes you can offer.”

The renowned banker sharing lessons learnt from his thirty years working at CalBank Limited motioned that those years spent at CalBank were “glorious years that taught [him] the complexities of human life and some valuable life lessons.

He stated, “I learnt about commitment and perseverance. Work can only be done effectively and efficiently when you do it with teams and I learnt about character and attitude. While there, I understood the principle of no short cuts in life.

I learnt that a good solid foundation is always required and that if you treat people right, they will carry and support you; the guys at CalBank, carried me for twenty years and they carried me to succeed. I learnt that there is a superior being who makes all things possible and we must always be thankful.”

The financial guru who also doubles as an avid sportsperson moved on to reveal that he would have been a professional baseball player had he been born abroad in the ’60s. Regardless of not being a professional sportsman, he has distinguished himself in all sporting activities including football, field hockey, volleyball, handball, squash, cricket, polo and now golf. Mr. Adu has also captained the Achimota Golf Club and the Accra Polo Club.

He, however, advised parents to allow their children to pursue their own dreams. “None of my kids is involved in banking. I am a parent who allows my kids to pursue whatever they want to and I support them.”

Speaking on the 6th edition of the Y Leaderboard Series, Programmes Manager of Y107.9, Eddie Blay, commented: “

The Y Leaderboard Series which has hosted great minds like Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, John Dumelo, Joyce Aryee, Patrick Awuah Jnr and Azumah Nelson focuses on providing the platform for the youth who aspire to take up leadership positions. The series has covered many areas of life, from politics, sports, entertainment and now finance.

Mr. Adu’s riveting experience in finance will no doubt encourage many youths who have to overcome hurdles to get to their dream. If you missed this interview, you will have to check back to garner jewels of wisdom from this great man”.


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