Poetry Corner with Kwesi Bissue: Ease to please to tease

Kwesi Bissue

Our Covid count grew
Our Corona worries stood
Our coughing ways too
But hear you my people
You who hide in bunkers and dungeons
It’s official now
We are easing restrictions with restrictions

It’s time to out from the hideout
It’s time to out through the outlets onto the outside
It’s time to see the light
So make hay when the sun shines the light
Breathe the air
…of an elevated flu before it peaks
Hug the air
…of an impregnated escalated infection

But don’t fret
Man must die from something
Man must die not in panic
Man must live in the midst of a pandemic
Man must be man
…whether dead or alive
Man must not be home and dry
Man must die trying

But you are not alone
Marry amidst a hundred revellers
Crush out all gate crashers
Bury your dead in the presence of a hundred
School for only those pressing for hundred percent
School in quarantined quarters
Visit their double track quarters by all means
But be sure to double trace your path back
Before you open your beak
You want to survive when the virus peaks, or?

Worship to register your presence among a hundredfold
Mask your mouth to preach with zeal
…with a seal
Mask your voice to sing in husky undertones
…in a husky melody
Rush out after the first holy hour
Rush into ten washrooms at once
But locate the offering bowl in the open
It’s for your own Covid good, or?

You can also pour ablution
But wait for the muezzin
To call all for Friday prayers
To queue around the holy mosque
Wait for a cue from the Sheikh
To usher in a hundred pilgrims

For Covid 19 cases to decrease to nothing
We ease restrictions with restrictions
…to please
…to tease
It’s for our collective Corona relief, or?


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