Meet Caroline Esinam Adzogble – the face of education in Africa


A Ghanaian female born Caroline Esinam Adzogble at 19-years old knew she wanted to become a Medical Doctor. It was a dream that drove her passion to the point she always interviewed doctors whenever she visited the hospital and always had the opportunity to be part of ward rounds. Caroline loved medicine which was the reason she studied Science in Senior High School. Her love for medicine shown because she was an A student. Her favorite subjects were biology and chemistry.

Caroline upon graduation from senior high school was met with a disappointment from her parents who couldn’t afford to see her through medical school. This unfortunate situation got Caroline thinking as to what she was supposed to do with her life while her friends were off to College and she was left at home.

She told her parents that she would love to pursue courses in Information Technology. 1 year into her study Caroline profound love for IT grew so strong as she discovered the power in technology and how it bridges the gaps between cross continent communication.

One evening upon getting home, Caroline announced to her parents she was going to start training young ones in ICT, especially those that couldn’t afford to pay for it.

That is the beginning of the Face of Education in Africa now, Caroline who has now become a national sensation in the field of Education. Caroline’s enthusiasm for Education is admirable and the young ones accept her as a role model.

Now 28, Caroline now the Founder & CEO of the Caroline Group in Ghana, Kenya, UK and USA – a major conglomerate and one of the largest education Groups around the world. Caroline is changing the face of education by making it the most affordable and accessible commodity on the planet. Education seems so easy and enjoyable with Caroline. In her group’s own words, they are redefining education through training, consulting, marketing, travel and philanthropy.

By Training, Caroline owns

Potters International College – now a 100% online colleges offering international recognized diplomas and pathway programs to students that have gap years or do not have the academic qualification to pursue the next stage of their Education.

Caroline University – a non-academic university that doesn’t issue academic qualifications but rather offer short term seminars and professional development courses to aspiring entrepreneurs and corporate organizations in different cities.

By Consultancy and Marketing, Caroline’s multicultural experience has earned her the right to consult for all groups of schools across the globe.

International University Services – that serves universities by offering consulting, marketing, and recruitment services to bridge the gap that exists between International student recruitment and Institutional partnerships by diversifying the student pool and increasing student capacity on campus.

International Boarding School Services – that serves boarding school by offering consulting, marketing, and recruitment services to bridge the gap that exists between International student recruitment and Institutional partnerships by diversifying the student pool and increasing student capacity on campus

By Philanthropy

Caroline’s drive for Education sets the tone for their philanthropic projects. She is very selective and choose to provide education scholarships and resources to students.

Caroline is mostly noted for her US$1million scholarship scheme for 100 African students in 2018 and the 100 laptop project for students in 2019. It doesn’t end there, Caroline continues to pay the fees of students and provide laptops to students that needed it. On her 28th birthday, Caroline granted 28 wishes to her fans.

By Travel,

Caroline believes the power in exposure and as such provides tailored travel related services to students and summer programs. In one of her social media posts; Caroline stated ‘It is my dream to have students travel and study in 4 destinations without paying a fortune of it’

Caroline’s efforts have been heavily complimented by the numerous awards she keeps receiving in the category of Education. MEF President’s Youth Prize in the field of Education and Xperience Womanity Awards for Education amongst many others.

It is so obvious how Caroline has indeed garnered knowledge in Education as she occasionally writes about the states of Education and predicts market trends and provide insights about the relationships with Education stakeholders. Her books ‘Super-Agent and Super School’ instantly sold out in Nigeria back in 2016.

“10 years from now, I want to be mostly noted for being a house hold name in the field of Education. There shouldn’t be any Education discussion that I am not present. My core belief is that Everyone is entitled to a world class Education irrespective of their age, race, color and financial status. I am still on my quest to uplift Education within Africa and beyond.”

What is a typical day like for you – “My day begins at 3:00am and ends at 10:00pm” and it is usually series or meetings online or on site or a flight to the next city.” What is your favorite thing to do – “a glass of Champaign and a 4 hour Jacuzzi bath.”

What is the funniest thing you’ve ever had to do – “I wanted to hand my company over to a General Manager and work for somebody else because I wanted to know what it felt like being at the other side of the table. I was bored being a Boss. At 6:00am the next day – my emails from my partners got that thought out of the window. It was so funny and silly. I tell you.”

Her words of encourage to young people. “My life isn’t all peaches and cream; I have failed many times but I have also won many times. You do not give up; you keep pushing. I have a dream and I am living it every single day. Live your truth and be kind to yourself. Most importantly support other women.”

Interestingly Caroline seeks to retire at the age of 30. Will she be able to do that as it seems as though this is just the beginning for her? Follow her journey on all social media @cadzogble

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