EurorivalsGH activates acceleration as rivalry in football is set again

Emmanuel Akinsola (middle) and Thomas Hobor (right) at the press briefing

Conventionally, we are mostly used to seeing men and even women argue and become rivals in sports in driving the enthusiasm with regards to football especially.

In response to COVID-19, the utmost number one sport rivalry group in Ghana, EurorivalsGH, which promotes sports and supporting the needy in the country, has reactivated rivalry in sports as some of the Euro giants are back this month with the EPL, La Liga, Serie A and rest already set to continue from where they left.

Everyone is talking about a new normal for the sports industry and rivalry to be concerned about but one of the questions likely to get cope with has to do with whether the new normal will be temporary and the simple answer is yes.

Eurorival GH is a sports group which is non-governmental and supports different teams and are rivals in terms of club but united as a group to promote and alleviate poverty.

Emmanuel Akinsola, the president of the group, in a virtual meeting, stated that “the novel coronavirus has restricted a whole lot of sporting activities and more also, making it quite difficult for members to fully give their financial support for what it takes to drive the group on due to job losses and low income in their various businesses.”

I believe finance is a key factor to drive a mission of a group like ours but I thank God for the executives I work with. They really give their all in whatsoever we plan to do and we are set to embark on another humanitarian project of giving and sharing ideas in diverse ways to the deprived communities in Ghana,” he added.

In his final remarks, Mr. Akinsola urged everyone, lovers and fans of Europe and Africa sport clubs to take this opportunity to empower deprived communities so we can have a conduit of fairness for humans towards goals of profitability and professionalism through sports.

The executive brain of the group, Thomas Hobor, in his address to the media stated that: “Louis Leo Holtz, a former American football player, coach and analyst said: ‘ability is what you’re capable of doing, motivation determines what you do and attitude determines how well you do it.’ So, if we want to get far with more glories, then we have to start with the little and make that ordinary thing stand out, no matter how long it could take.”

“As our motto states: ‘together as one’, we surely shall make members smile at the end of the tunnel and also accelerate support for interventions and relief to the helpless and deprived communities,” he added.

The group, Eurorivals GH which share loads of fun has its general aim to mobilise all sports loving youths in Ghana and beyond, seek the general welfare of its members and reach out to the poorhouse homes, vulnerable and deprived communities.

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