Friends of Loyalty Hotel donate PPE to Nungua LEKMA Polyclinic


As part of efforts to join the fight against COVID-19 across the country and the world, patrons of the Loyalty Hotel located in Nungua Buade, known a Friends of Loyalty Hotel, have donated personal protective equipment (PPE) to the Ledzokuku-Krowor Municipal Assembly Polyclinic (LEKMA Polyclinic).

The presentation was jointly made by the Chief Patron, Bob Roco Romeo, and the Manager of Loyalty Hotel, Cephas Asimadi.

Dr. Christina Brew Daniels, a Family Physician Specialist and Head of Facility of the hospital, received the items.

She said: “The PPE came in at the right time as we really need them because they are a vital component in keeping everyone around very safe. We believe equipping them (frontline staff) with these items will ensure that their lives are at least protected while providing essential public services. In turn, this will safeguard patients, nurses – everyone, and curtail the spread of COVID-19.

“One good turn deserves another, and so we will also in due time arrange to give free screening to your staff and patrons in the not too distant future,” she added.

Dr. Daniels also thanked Friends of Loyalty Hotel for the kind gesture and promised the PPEs will be utilised properly. “We’re grateful to you for thinking about our safety at this time. In addition to the PPE, we shall continue to enforce the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 safety directives to wash hands frequently, reduce the number of patients per ward and administration, and insist on mask-wearing.”

The manager for Loyalty Hotel, Mr. Asimadi, assured of continued support.

 Loyalty Hotel combines its deep knowledge of hospitality in the country with the world-class expertise of a superb brand. With feet firmly planted on the Nungua soil, it’s several add-ons like the Sunday Local Food Bazaar and Playground fun deliver innovative and networking solutions to the Ghanaian look.

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