Poetry Corner with Kwesi Bissue ….Between the lines



Between life and death
Between censored panting and measured breathing
Choose which to cling

Between Corona lungs and hunger pangs
Between cooked beans and raw lentils
Between a flattened intestine and a punctured lung
Between indulgence and abstinence
Between living in the city and running thither
Between Edweso and Greater Kumasi
Choose where to hang

Between air atmospheric…and air fabricated
Between free for all…and free to air
Choose which is clear

Between compulsory hibernation and French leave
Between isolation and hospitalization
Between the lion and the Leviathan
Choose which to tame

Between a hot meal and none
Between standing erect…and standing to be elected
Between free from fair…and far from fair
Between free and fair
Spot the difference

Between working out and languishing at home
Between virtual and actual reality
Between a house and a home
Tell the difference

Between a lockdown and a freestyle in town
Between a lockdown and a knockdown in a Covid ring
Between HIV 99.9 and Covid 19
Cost the difference

Between economy and anatomy
Between panic in pandemic…and panic in economics
Between panic in withdrawals… and withdrawals in panic
Paint the difference

Between the pain of infection and the stain of stigmatization
Between Veronica’s cleaning habit… and the ventilator’s aerating regimen
Between the devil and the deep blue sea
Seal the difference

Read between the lines oh my people!!!


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