Stratcomm Africa introduces cartoon series to help fight COVID -19


Strategic Communications Africa Ltd (Stratcomm Africa), has released a COVID-19 cartoon education series -The Adventures of KOO the COVID Prefect  – designed to contribute to Ghanaians staying informed so that they can stay safe in the midst of this pandemic.

The series is developed around a wise community character, Koo, who identifies behaviours that run contrary to the guidelines provided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as well as government’s directives and educates members of the public about why they should comply willingly.

He also identifies situations in which the guidelines are being practiced and celebrates them. The series seeks to promote knowledge, ownership, acceptance and sustained meaningful practice of the behaviours associated with the COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Koo, the little wise one, helps to remind each of us what is required of us. The series consists of short still and video clips with cartoon characters designed for digital and traditional media. The series will be available on the Stratcomm Africa website (, and the following social media pages- Instagram (@stratcommafrica), Facebook (@Stratcomm.Africa), Youtube  (Strategic Communications Africa Limited –, Twitter (@stratcommafrica) and through WhatsApp.

Families, communities, businesses, Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs), Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Media houses etc. are invited to use the material to generate discussion and dialogue about COVID -19 prevention. The series is not only in English but is also being developed in local Ghanaian languages.

Kofi Baah-Boakye, Business Development Manager of Stratcomm Africa says, “the role of effective communication in fighting this pandemic is clear; we all have to get the message  and understand the personal and collective benefit to us of practising the behaviours – hand washing, sanitizing, social distancing, wearing face masks, avoiding stigma and discriminatory behaviours, and so on. Let us really make these behaviours part of our way of life now. COVID-19 is real and we need to act and stand together to overcome!”

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