Joyce Aryee inspires the youth on Y Leaderboard Series


Senior mentor for the African Leadership Initiative and Executive Director of Salt and Light Ministries, Rev. Dr. Joyce Aryee, has shared insights on the qualities and attitude needed to get the future leaders ready for the leadership mantle ahead.

Speaking on Y FM’s Yleaderboard Series, she sought to erase the common notion that leadership was about lording over others. “Leadership really is about serving people. A leader has to provide opportunities for other leaders to emerge without feeling threatened. If you had to do all the thinking how are you going to cope? You will not know everything. We need to have that kind of humility,” she told Rev. Erskine.

She noted that as a woman in leadership, she had to learn the culture of any organization she joined in order to lead successfully.

She further encouraged the youth to endure despite the trials they may face. Likening our life to a puzzle, she said: “Puzzles are total chaos. But you are to put all the pieces together to get the picture. It is time consuming but imagine the joy you feel when you get the picture. Pain doesn’t always kill. Sometimes pain helps us to get other ways of doing things.”

Dr. Joyce Aryee spoke on other topics of interest such as her upbringing, her experience as a woman in leadership, political career and the impact of COVID-19 on travel and tourism.

It was evident that her great story telling technique endeared her to the listeners as they engaged with her on social media with a lot of questions. Even refreshing was the fact that Ghana’s Ambassador to China, Edward Boateng, called in from Beijing to appreciate Auntie Joyce’s contribution to national development. He also disclosed that the interview was being monitored by the Ghanaian community in China.

More so, Dr. Joyce Aryee could not hide her excitement and surprise when her son called in to wish her a belated Mothers’ Day and appreciate her for all the good work she has been doing.

Speaking on the third edition of the Y Leaderboard Series, Programmes Manager of Y107.9, Eddie Blay, commented: “It was an aura of great moments with Dr.Joyce Aryee. She is one of the greatest leaders we have in the country. The atmosphere she exuded was one of serenity and happiness. It is only the third edition but the impact has been massive.”

He furthered that listeners should anticipate for more interviews with great personalities who will help shape the future of the young generation. The Y Leaderboard Series, which previously hosted Hon. Kennedy Agyapong and John Dumelo, focuses on providing the platform for the youth who aspire to take up leadership positions.

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