Npontu Technologies launches online self-service platform


Npontu Technologies has launched its multi-channel self-service customer engagement platform for USSD, SMS, Bulk Email and social media posting & analysis.

Described as Deywuro, the multichannel platform allows the user to send millions of SMS and emails with secure sender IDs. According to a statement from Npontu, with its targeted advertising module, Deywuro addresses the issue of unsolicited messages to customers.

“As the world shifts to a digital first approach, the need for enterprise grade engagement platforms continue to grow significantly. Companies are looking to nurture their businesses by connecting instantly on intelligent customer engagement platforms that are easy to use, economical and meets the set objectives,” the statement said.

USSDs, the statement noted, are the go-to application for surveys; voting; financial services; utility services; paid content portal; product promotion; competitions. This does not require internet connectivity and can be used on any GSM phone. There is only one catch, to get a USSD code, one often goes through the long process of contacting an aggregator for set up, which could take days to months depending on the aggregator.

In an era where speed and convenience is the watch word, Npontu’s dynamic USSD allows the user to create his or her own code with just a click at very minimal charges. “All you have to do is create an account and set up your personalized USSD code.

Bulk SMS and email advertising, notifications, automated alerts, reminders, security confirmations, product information, news, SMS newsletters and the like have proven to have more results in customer engagement as compared to the traditional approaches due to the extent of mobile penetration in Ghana and the dependency on mobile phones,” it added.

Another outstanding feature on the Deywuro, the statement continued, is the social media button, which gives the user the opportunity to communicate information across all social media channels, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

“No need to go from one platform to the other, it’s a one stop shop. Significant to this feature is our AI integrated engine that gives you graphical and analytical reporting on your messages allowing you to track the efficiency and reach of your campaigns.

With these reports you get an instant view of your brand awareness, noting the satisfaction or the constructive criticism from your clients, putting you way ahead of your competitors as you work to satisfy your clients. All these modules sit in one application with a unified dashboard giving you a 360 view of your communication options with your clients.”

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