Sun Sink, solar powered handwashing machine, gets Standards Authority’s approval


The Ghana Standards Authority has granted certification to another innovative movable handwashing machine produced by Magnifico Limited in a bid to ease the washing of hands mid the outbreak of COVID-19.

The solar powered machine, named Sun Sink, offer users the opportunity to get soap and wash their hands under a tap without touching any nob and after pull a tissue and wipe their hands.

The innovation was sent to Ghana Standards Authority (GSA) for testing and licensing. The regulatory body after assessment issued a one-year renewable license which paves way for the company to go into commercial production of the product.

Managers of the company were grateful and have already put in measures to upscale the products for use. “It should be in every office, church, company, hospital and everywhere people gather. It is simple to use and very safe to use as well. Regular handwashing has become a culture and we are going to live with it for a long time therefore this innovation will stay with us for a long time,” one of the managers, Eugene Ofori told the B&FT at a short event to receive the license.

The Director General of the Ghana Standard Authority, Professor Alex Dodoo urged financial institution, faith-based groups and business moguls to help finance many of the Ghanaian innovations coming up to help fight the outbreak of COVID-19.

“This is the time for churches, associations and business men to help. These innovators need angel investors to help them upscale their inventions. Government will support but to an extent,” Professor Alex Dodoo told the media.

Already, a Kumasi-based entrepreneur, Richard Kwarteng, has received certification for a solar-powered handwashing sink he produced after thorough examination from the Ghana Standards Authority.

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