OmniBSIC Bank intensifies COVID-19 safety measures … encourages clients to use the bank’s e-channels


In the wake of the increasing number of COVID-19 cases in Ghana, OmniBSIC Bank has intensified safety measures to ensure the protection of the health of its employees, customers and general public while it continues to provide great and innovative financial services during this period.

As a truly customer focused bank, the said, in a statement that, “the well-being of our customers, staff and the general public remains the bank’s utmost priority. Bearing this in mind, it continues to amplify its efforts via the following measures to help in the in fight against COVID-19.”

First of all, in line with government’s lockdown directive, the bank is operating from only branches in the lockdown areas and has also modified its working hours to only five hours on weekdays (9am – 3pm). Moreover, not more than six customers are allowed inside a branch at any given time to ensure social distancing protocols are adhered to.

OmniBSIC ‘s COVID-19 response however places emphasis on the need for customers to utilize the bank’s ebanking channels including telephone, mobile and internet banking channels in addition to cards services for transactions to minimize the risk of infection by physical contact.

The bank has recently enhanced its mobile banking service to include bank account to wallet, wallet to bank account, direct merchant payments, funds transfer and many other transactions to make it unnecessary for clients to make physical transactions. The mobile banking service works on any phone and does not require internet access to function, making it possible for all customers to access their account from any part of the country.

Logistical support to help protect staff and customers have also been provided by the bank to front line staff in the execution of their duties. These include gloves, hand sanitizers, rubbing alcohol, face masks, and temperature guns for all branches. To help customers maintain hand hygiene, the bank has installed hand sanitizers at all its ATM outlets.

Meanwhile, the bank noted that it has received the GH¢130 million capital funding from the Ghana Amalgamated Trust Limited (GAT) thus completing the final step in meeting the minimum capital requirement introduced by the Central Bank. “This comes as good news for the bank and its customers and further underscores the confidence that the Bank of Ghana has in OmniBSIC Bank.”

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