Chinese Embassy and Communities donates to Muslim Community


Chinese Ambassador to Ghana, Shi Ting Wang, on behalf of Chinese Embassy and Chinese community in Ghana, last week donated supplies valued about GH¢110,000, including 2,000 bags of rice which is 10 thousand kilos, three thousand liters of cooking oil, and six thousand face masks to the Muslim community.

Ambassador Wang presenting the donations expressed best wishes to the Muslims for a happy Ramadan. He said, under the leadership of President Xi Jinping, the Chinese people united as one and achieved a staged victory in the war against the epidemic.

But China will not forget the support from Africa during the most critical times. China is the first country to send medical supplies by charted flight to Africa and dispatches many medical teams to Africa to share diagnosis and treatment experiences of COVID-19. Although China’s internal epidemic situation is still complex and the anti-epidemic supplies are not abundant, throughout the world, China is a true friend who has really helped Africa.

Ambassador Wang said that Ghana is in a critical period of anti-epidemic. The Chinese people are well aware of the difficulty of fighting the epidemic and know the suffering and feeling of the Ghanaian people, especially many Chinese who have settled in Ghana for a long time.

“The Chinese chambers of commerce in Ghana actively take action and do their part to fight against the epidemic in Ghana. The Chinese Embassy and the Chinese chambers of commerce in Ghana prepare the supplies as special Ramadan gifts to Muslim friends” he explained.

Ambassador Wang said, all in all, China always sees in Africa brothers and sisters. When China is at its peak of epidemic, we gave special attention to the more than 3000 African students in Hubei Province, which was severely hit.

In another development, Ambassador Wang appeal all foreigners including African people in Guangdong could understand the policy and follow the rules of the province. This is to protect the safety of everyone there. When talking to people to people relations, China prioritizes Africa. For instance, China is a country that provides the largest number of scholarships to Africa in the world. There is no logic for discrimination.

Ambassador Wang said, we are in a period which is special and unprecedented in history. People are dying. Under such unprecedented situation, any slightly carelessness could make you and any of us end up in hospitals or even worse. Let’s understand each other, support each other, get over the tough time together!

His Eminence Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, National Chief Imam of Ghana, receiving the donation commended China’s donation to Muslim community and spoke highly of Ghana-China cooperation. His Eminence said that the donation reflects the sincere friendship between the two peoples. Ghana will strengthen cooperation with China and other countries in the world to jointly fight the epidemic. Ghana will control the spread of the epidemic successfully and bring the economic and social development back to normal.

Present at the donation included Mr. Tang Hong, President of Ghana Association of Chinese Societies, Mr. Xu Qiang, Executive Vice President of Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Ghana, Mr. Lin Debiao, Vice President of Fujian Chamber of Commerce in Ghana, Mr. Hu Longbiao, Vice President of Wenzhou Chamber of Commerce in Ghana, Mr. Su Zhenyu, Secretary General of Guangxi Shanglin Association in Ghana.

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