COVID-19: Ghana’s case count increase to 834


Ghana has as at 1 pm Saturday, April 18, recorded 834 positive cases of Coronavirus, the Ghana Health Service has published.

The number is an increase from 641 on April 16. The number of deaths has also increased to 9 from the earlier reported 8, with the number of recoveries also increasing to 99.

According to the Ghana Health Service, it is supervising the completion of a backlog of laboratory samples that have been picked for testing as part of the COVID-19 testing exercise.

“This is after some 57,000 samples have already been successfully tested as of April 15th, 2020. In the first batch of this backlog, an additional 198 have been found to be positive.”

This is what has contributed to bring Ghana’s total case count to 834, at the moment.

This latest development, according to the GHS, does not represent new infections that are occurring. “It represents results from tests of a backlog of samples.”

“The laboratories have been working day and night to test this large number of samples. Hopefully in the next few days, all the testing would be completed. Total samples tested so far now stands at 60, 916 with 1.37 % testing positive.”

The results of these backlog of samples when released does not mean the number of new cases recorded on the day of the report, it added.

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