Joint effort crucial in COVID-19 fight – GRIDCO CEO


Chief Executive of the Ghana Grid Company, Jonathan Amoako-Baah, says a collective global approach to tackling the coronavirus pandemic is what will help the world win the fight.

COVID-19 cases continue to escalate across the world and Africa, while the death toll shows no sign of easing any time soon. In Ghana, despite the rise in total number of cases, there is general acceptance that the measures put in place by government are making a huge difference and will go a long way to contain the spread.

Recently, government extended a two-week lockdown of key cities in the country by another week, as it looks to flatten the curve of spread.

Contributing to a Utilities Crisis Management Webinar organised by the Utility CEO Forum and Smart Energy International, Jonathan Amoako-Baah said: “What’s before us is a pandemic of ancient Egyptian proportions. While the entire globe is threatened throughout every facet of its life, there’s an opportunity for us to come together and fight this. It is only the collective effort that will put this behind us; otherwise, we stand a chance of facing even greater challenges ahead”.

As the leader of an essential services company in Ghana, Jonathan’s job is quite cut-out for him, and he remains poised to steer the ship in the right direction.

“The situation has impacted the majority in the power sector, including GRIDCo; especially in the area of key projects that are crucial to maintaining an efficient grid system. However, we are looking to leverage opportunities and mitigate challenges posed by the pandemic in order to strengthen our business model for a much better outlook. I also want to urge everyone to continue following the laid-down precautions and measures emplaced in order for us to fight this head-on and win,” he added.

The Webinar explored the African power sector’s readiness for dealing with the pandemic. Participants in the sector shared experiences of handling their operations amid the pandemic, and also embraced several best practices from industry experts.

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