GLICO provides COVID-19 essentials to Ghana Prisons Service


GLICO, the one-stop shop for insurance and financial services in Ghana, has donated various essential items to the Ghana Prisons Service to assist in measures taken to prevent spread of COVID-19.

The essential items included large quantities of Veronica-buckets, gallons of hand-sanitisers, boxes of vitamin C tablets and thermometer guns.

In a brief presentation ceremony at the Ghana Prisons Headquarters, the Chief Executive Officer of GLICO Group, Mr. Forkuo Kyei, expressed concern that in times like these it is the vulnerable that suffers the most because they cannot afford key essentials to protect themselves. It is for this reason that GLICO thought it wise to present these essential items to the Ghana Prisons Service to assist in protecting inmates and wardens.  He went on to add that COVID-19 has provided us the opportunity to observe key hygiene rules. He heightened the need to observe basic hygienic practices such as washing hands, coughing and sneezing in the elbows, using hand-sanitisers and tissues, and keeping our environment clean of filth among others; and the fact that these must become our everyday practice as Ghanaians even after COVID-19.

Receiving the items on behalf of the Ghana Prisons Service, its Director General, Mr. Patrick Darko-Missah, expressed gratitude to the leadership of GLICO for providing these essential items. He indicated that a lot of measures have been put in place at all the forty-six (46) prisons nationwide to prevent spread of the virus. Some of these measures include:  Intensive education of inmates on the virus; re-structuring timetables of wardens so that those who commute to work do not unconsciously import the virus into prisons; provision of essentials to ensure personal hygiene; and most importantly washing hands. Mr. Darko-Missah showed further appreciation to GLICO, saying that: “We always come to you for support and you assist us; but it is best to give when we haven’t asked, and for this we are grateful”.

In response to measures taken by Ghana Prisons to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Mr. Forkuo Kyei further added that GLICO is a Ghanaian-owned brand, and “this is the time that, as a company, we have to show love to all Ghanaians. So, aside from this donation to the Ghana Prisons Service, we are also feeding the ‘Kayaye’ vulnerable persons. We have also provided a free Hospital Cash Income (HCI) benefit to all our individual life policyholders. We are also liaising with the Ghana Armed Forces to intensify COVID-19 education nationwide, and in particular at the various barracks. These, among others, will ensure that all Ghanaians stay at home, stay healthy and practice social distancing to fight spread of the virus”.

GLICO was represented, in addition to the Group CEO, at the brief ceremony by Mrs. Maame Dufie Achampong-Kyei Obeng – Managing Director for GLICO LIFE; Mr. Andrew Achampong-Kyei – Managing Director for GLICO GENERAL, Nana Efua Rockson – Group Head, Corporate Affairs & Marketing; and Mrs. Ladonna Buahin – Chief Operations Officer for GLICO LIFE. Representatives from the Ghana Prisons Service included Mrs. Josephine Freda-Agyeman – Deputy Director General; Mr. L.K.A. Ansah – Director of Prisons in charge of Welfare; and Mrs. Patience Baffoe-Bonnie – Deputy Director of Prisons in charge of Health, among other senior officers.

GLICO is made up of six companies: namely GLICO LIFE, GLICO HEALTHCARE, GLICO PROPERTIES, GLICO CAPITAL, GLICO GENERAL and GLICO PENSIONS. Significantly, over the last thirty-five years, each of the companies in the GLICO Group has been among the leaders in their categories. GLICO continues to churn out innovative services and policies which offer financial solutions and protection to Ghanaians. In times of uncertainty, one can always trust GLICO to “cushion you for life”!

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