MP of Ellembelle kicks against UNIPASS replacing GCNet, West Blue

MP for Ellembelle, Armah Kofi Buah

A Representative of the Minority in Ghana’s Parliament has kicked against the replacement of GCNet and West Blue’s systems with the UNIPASS technology by Ghana Link.

Emmanuel Armah Kofi Buah, the Member of Parliament of the Ellembelle Constituency questioned the legitimacy of the processes leading to contract the new company that is expected to handle the new government customs management reform.

“The current government abandoned the necessary legal procurement procedures and resorted to sole-sourcing the new company to provide customs management systems for the country,” he revealed.

He questioned the reliability of the UNIPASS technology which the government has contracted for the new government customs management reforms. “If you look at the company government has contracted to take over from GCNet and West Blue, they do not have a positive track record.”

Mr. Buah also bemoaned the financial consequences of terminating the contract of the existing service providers.

The Representative of the Minority, also lamented the legal contentions ongoing between the incoming vendors, and their predecessors, GCNet and West Blue on copyright infringements, pointing it as one of the many reasons the country should cease to engage UNIPASS.

“The technology by UNIPASS is being contended by GCNet and West Blue in court for violating copyright laws. If the court rules in favour of GCNet and co, we would lose out,” he lamented.

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