IMaH urges public to use telemedicine program towards prevention of COVID-19

Dr. Helen Tettey

With the aim to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while continuing to provide efficient health care for its clients, the International Maritime Hospital is encouraging the general public especially prospective clients to take advantage of its telemedicine program.

According to Dr. Helen Tettey, Head of Clinical Services of the hospital, its telemedicine procedure, allows both existing clients and potential clients of the hospital to consult doctors via the internet where they can even take delivery of medications in cases where they are not necessarily required to be physically present at the hospital.

“The good thing is that it is a video consultation. We can assess you, and send you prescriptions. We also have the added service where if you want us to deliver medications to you, we can do that in Tema and Accra,” she explained.

This she explained is in the vein of ensuring IMaH reduces the human traffic at the hospital to the barest minimum while continuing to make health care readily available within the current circumstances of ensuring physical distancing among people.

She said in complementing this initiative, the International Maritime Hospital has deployed the standard measures of screening at the entrance and exit points of the hospital, provision of soap and running water, hand sanitizers at vantage points in the hospital’s facilities, as well as observing strict social distancing among staff, clients, and patients.

“Also for visitors, we are having visitor restrictions. And for our in-patients, you don’t have more than two visitors. We have restricted it to two visitors and these two would be those to visit you all the time,” she added.

Dr. Helen Tettey also revealed that her outfit is encouraging the proper use of nose masks which have been identified as critical towards the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus.

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