Millennials – the generation that is in dire need of stressbusters


“Millennial” – this word has raised eyebrows and brought a frown or even a smile to innumerable faces. Nonetheless, it has ignited a conversation regarding the group of people who fall under that category, also referred to as ‘Gen Y’. Now, to many of us the details which the word ‘Millennial’ entail are a bit fuzzy.

According to a few credible explorations, researchers have established that the group of people lucky enough to have been born between the years 1991-1996 are referred to as the Millennials. Yet, there are a few that argue and place millennials somewhere between 1980-2000.

Be that as it may, research says that the Gen Y or as we know them, the Millennials, is the most stressed out or the most anxious generation. Some scholars say that millennials are more passionate and dedicated. However, they tend to have a hard time placing their loyalties. Their trust issues make them sceptical and demanding.  At the same time many even question, “Do Millennials stand a chance in the real world?”

The advent of social media!

Now, stress doesn’t necessarily have to be all that harmful. For instance, the stress of certain deadlines compels us to do a certain job on time – but the emergence of social media has given stress a whole new meaning. We’re doing so much more today before our first meal of the day, because of the digital overflow, than what the generations before us did in the span of quite a few hours.

It’s an interesting time for this generation living with the vices and the virtues of social media. It empowers you and, undoubtedly, brings the globe together. Still, it can also paralyse you with the amount of choices, the voices or the information it has to offer. A lot of millennials today are inclined to being multicultural. They like to be referred as global citizens instead of being associated with a certain nationality, race or religion.

Sure, they’re tech-savvy, street-smart, aware of their privileges and quite selective. Yet, they’re not desensitised. They don’t stay dumb with topics of global or national concern and like to voice their opinions. They’re all out there to exhibit solidarity come what may. Though, at the same time, they need to understand that we can’t let someone else’s deconstructive opinions emerging from behind the anonymity of a computer define us in this era of social media.

A healthy attitude toward oneself is critical. We mustn’t compare ourselves with what we see on social media because people put up their triumphs instead of their tribulations. It’s not that people never experienced anxiety earlier, but it’s about the number of these stressors and how we cope with them. We have not learnt how to take it easy; we need to slow down, take a breather and calm our nerves before we explode in our fast-paced surroundings.

Identifying the stressors

Just as before curing a disease you need to first diagnose it, similarly to overcome stress you need to be aware of the stress causatives. One of the most common sources of stress is financial concerns. The physiological symptoms involve irritability, anxiety, lack of motivation, trouble concentrating and so on. Some symptoms could be due to hormonal imbalance leading to irregular periods, low sex-life etc. Additionally, some warning signs could include perpetual sickness, hair-fall or when you start getting UTIs (urinary tract infections).

More often than not, stressors are self-induced. Therefore, self-identification is the key to resolving stress issues. A lot of us fail to prioritise our days effectively. If we designate ourselves and our energies to doing the tasks that need our immediate attention, we’ll be far less pressured at the end of the day. Today, we need to tactfully save and invest our money, so that it works for us instead of us having to work for it.

One chief causation of stress is our unrealistic expectations of ourselves and those around us. We need to cut ourselves some slack and understand that we’re no superheroes, there’s only so much we can accomplish in a day. This will negate the feeling of being betrayed by our own-self. As far as those around us are concerned – well, at the cost of not sounding pessimistic – hardly anyone has ever gained any exhilaration by meeting expectations from others. Hence, it’s better to offload that baggage and stop hauling it around.

Another reason for stress build-up is that we get so caught up in the monotony of life that we forget to stop and breathe. We forget to take time out for ourselves, to learn new skills and harness the old ones. We fall prey to the vicious circle instead of vanquishing the hurdle! We must learn to take solace in our own company and embrace a substantial truth, that there’s no harm in saying “no” to a few requests made by others that are not entirely feasible for us. People-pleasing does more damage to you than good!

Coping mechanisms (the stressbusters)

Contrary to popular belief among many, over-eating, drinking, smoking or any form of intoxication doesn’t do us any good physiologically or biologically. Conflict resolution, living in the present, exercising, following a healthy diet, communicating your feelings, regular and effective rests, writing, adopting a positive attitude, spending time with yourself, being in that state of serenity and mindfulness builds our mental agility more than anything. A little bit of self-reflection as well as filling up your days with some meaningful actions goes a long way!

A little something we need to engrain in our brain is that – as important as monetary benefits may be, the amount of wealth acquired doesn’t define us or our success! In this chaotic battlefield that is life, marching on your own path, doing what is valuable to you and spending time with those who impart a sense of fulfilment to you is what matters.

Sure, we are a part of this circus – trying to find our place in the world and uncertainty of the future does make our organs crumble inside. Nonetheless, these are not factors grave enough that they should have our stress levels shooting sky-high.

With all the cynicism that surrounds us, let adversity have an opposite effect on you. Be the warrior, be a staunch believer and have faith. Most importantly, be morally aware; because at the end of the day, you need to sleep with yourself.

The writer is an Entrepreneurial Biotechnologist and passionate about creating awareness among the masses and steering a tangible change in the healthcare delivery systems.

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