Consumers laud ECG for tariff reduction


Some clients of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) have expressed their appreciation to the company for effecting the tariff reduction announced by the Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) in March.

The reduction in electricity tariffs came after extensive stakeholders’ engagement and detailed analysis of proposals tendered by companies in the power distribution and supply chain.

The tariff reduction, which took effect from April 1, has residential consumers enjoying a 17.5 per cent reduction whiles non-residential consumers had a 30 per cent reduction.

Special load tariff customers (SLTC) such as industries, are currently enjoying a 25 per cent tariff reduction with the mining companies receiving 10 per cent reduction in tariffs.

For instance, some of the customers indicated that 300 units of power, which was previously sold at GH¢189.47 is currently being sold at GH¢ 166.66.

The General Manager, Public Relations of ECG, Mr William Boateng said despite the March 15 date set by the PURC for the reduction in tariffs, the actual implementation started in April this year.

He explained that electricity consumers could not enjoy the exact amount of reduction in tariffs announced earlier due to some statutory levies.

“The addition of statutory levies and other fixed charges would reduce the average percentage relief announced by the PURC.”

These levies he indicated included, rural electrification and street light levies, which were not within the mandate of the PURC to review except by an act of Parliament.

He hinted that postpaid customers, enjoyed the tariff reduction from March 15, 2018 whilst a refund would be given to prepaid clients.

To ensure transparency and clarity, Mr Boateng explained that, the ECG compiled all unit consumption and expected cost through an electronic system that explained how the tariff was calculated and billed.

“The reckoner would be displayed at all district offices and revenue centres nationwide to guide customers on their electricity purchases”, he added

Mr Alex Awubor, Regional Commercial Manager of ECG believed that the reduction in tariffs would help reduce illegal connection and encourage customers to use Electricity wisely.

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