Alhaji Lepowura Jawula implores Kwesi Nyantakyi to consider contesting 2019 FA presidency


Former Ghana Football Association president, Lepowura M. N. D Jawula, has urged Kwesi Nyantakyi to consider contesting for the Ghana FA presidency in 2019.

The CAF 1st vice president has repeatedly said that he will not seek for re-election in 2019 when his term in office expires after assuming office in December 2005.

Vice president of the GFA, George Afriyie announced his decision to contest for the 2019 Ghana FA top post during his 50th birthday celebration in Accra.

However, Afriyie has been slammed by some football administrators after his declaration.

“The structure of CAF and FIFA is such that you must always be nominated by your host nation before you can participate in those elections. Now Kwesi has not told me he is worried by the current happenings but definitely, if I were in his position, I would worry. If I hand over and I go and the next person refuses to submit my name.”

“I have had that experience personally when Ben Kuofie refused to submit my name for the Executive Committee of CAF. I would have been on the Executive Committee long ago. Every effort was made to submit my name. Issa Hayatou (former CAF President) was prepared to assist me to get on board but he [Kuofie] submitted his name. Unfortunately, in Mali, he was compelled to withdraw because that was not their intention, so, all these things are possibilities.”

He further backed calls for Mr Nyantakyi to make himself available to serve at least one more term.

“If I were pushed, I would ask Kwesi to continue one more term just to steer the stage because, at the moment, the stage is not stable. When you have a situation when your vice wants to contest you, it means it is not stable. If you have just one person, then you know the situation is stable but not where there appears to be a long list of individuals wanting to enter the fray”, he told ClassSports.

The FA election is scheduled to take place next year at a yet-to-be-named date.


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