Mobex launches maiden edition of Innovation Awards


The maiden edition of the Mobex Africa Innovation Awards has been launched in Accra.

Themed: “Recognising Excellence in Tech Innovation”, the award seeks to recognise and reward excellence in technology innovation for both individuals and enterprises providing solutions.

This is aimed at promoting a culture of innovation, excellence in entrepreneurship and a technologically or digitally driven economic development in Ghana and Africa.

According to the chairman of the occasion, Professor Nii Quianoo, the vision of the award is to unearth global champions and to establish effective knowledge triangle to produce globally competitive Ghanaian and African solutions, products and services.

He said: “The wealth of nations are no longer defined by natural resources but by the intellectual capacity of its citizens to solve its problems, the depth of innovation and their understanding of technology. This program will not only reward but equip the youth, students, entrepreneurs with ability to innovate and think through solutions but also provide opportunities for the commercialization of their solutions.”

According to him, the award promotes application of leading edge technologies in addressing Ghana’s challenges. He believes that through this awards scheme, innovation among the youth will be recognized.

Professor Quianoo noted that many people in Ghana may be sitting on ideas and technological solutions that could move Ghana and Africa as a whole to a better pedestal in the global space. “There may be many solutions sitting in manuscripts on shelves in universities, schools, research institutions and in private companies. Many inventions could be locked up in minds of many young women and men. Our talents would go waste without talent search, mentorship, direction or funding,” he said.

He believes that the award will build tomorrow’s leaders who will imbibe innovation in their strategic plans, seek new ways of solving the continent’s problems, increasing efficiency and productivity and making Africa’s solutions globally competitive.

Professor Quianoo appealed to corporate bodies and agencies to support the award scheme by way of sponsorship and participation.

Also present was the CEO Of Coasters Company Ltd, George Spencer Quaye. On his part he noted that it is very necessary for innovation to take place because it provides solutions to problems and it is the driving force of progression to Ghana and Africa.

“For us to progress as nation will mean a continuous process of innovation, a continuous improvement of systems and process even in fighting the canker called corruption. We must innovate to avoid becoming a corpse. We must innovate to avoid becoming a failed state. We must embrace innovation and we must recognize those innovators leading the change to encourage a culture of innovation amongst the next generation”, he said.

George added that there cannot be any true innovation without human interaction and innovation leading to progress.

He reiterated that the award will celebrate those making the workplace paperless increasing efficiency of process to increase profitability. He said Mobex Africa Innovation Awards is here for those developing systems to keep many at jobs and creating new jobs in this new economy.


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