2018 CAPC & CAPPC programme opens in Beijing


A joint opening ceremony has been held to officially welcome the 44 journalists who are participating in the 2018 China Africa Press Centre (CAPC) and China Asia Pacific Press Centre (CAPPC) programme organised by the China International Press Communication Centre in Beijing, China.

This is the 5th batch of journalists from 42 countries in the Africa and Asia-Pacific region since the programme started in 2014.

This year’s programme also offered scholarships to 17 out of the 44 journalists to study Masters’ Degree programmes in Global Journalism and Communication at the prestigious Renmin University of China.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Mr. Hu Zhengyue – Vice-President of the China Public Diplomacy Association, said this programme is to strengthen the bonds between China and Africa as well as the Asia-Pacific region.

“The bonds between the people of China and Africa are profound, and the potential for cooperation between the two sides is huge. At the moment, China-Africa relations are standing at a new historical starting point,” he said.

He said the Beijing Summit on China-Africa Cooperation, which will be held in Beijing, China, in September this year, will become a new highlight in China-Africa cooperation.

Touching on relations between China and the Asian-Pacific region, Mr. Hu said China and many Asia-Pacific countries are linked by mountains and rivers and are friendly neighbours that share water.

“China attaches great importance to developing friendly exchanges and mutually-beneficial cooperation with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Since the Association’s establishment, interactions with Asian-Pacific countries have been virtually uninterrupted.

“Under the One Belt, One Road initiative, the Association will continue to promote the deepening of understanding and friendship with Asia-Pacific countries,” he added.

He assured journalists that in the next 10 months the Association will arrange a rich and abundant schedule which enables them (journalists) to participate and cover major events in China’s internal affairs and foreign diplomacy.

Journalists will also have the opportunity to visit government departments, universities and enterprises, and have extensive contacts with government officials, experts as well as the ordinary people.

There will also be an opportunity for journalists to visit places and provinces other than Beijing, to experience the multi-culturalism and development status of the Chinese society.

Creggy Eugenio, a journalist from the Philippine, and Vincent Mbonihankuye from Burundi who read a speech on behalf of colleagues from CAPPC and CAPC, expressed gratitude to the China Public Diplomacy Association, Government of China as well as the people of China for the opportunity to be part of this year’s programme.


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