Care Unit trains Achimota School Red Cross …donates road safety equipment

A student performing a mock exercise of first aid delivery at the training

Students of Achimota School Red Cross Society have undergone training in first aid and care delivery to adequately prepare them to handle emergency situations.

The training, organized by Care Unit Limited, a first aid delivery company, was to equip the students on safety measures to adopt during the application of basic and life-saving first aid. The students were taken through basic lessons including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), shock management and how to handle victims of food choke.

“We are currently piloting this training programme in Achimota School as we look forward to visiting other Senior High Schools to offer same training to their Red Cross members,” Ransford Tetteh, CEO of Care Unit stated.

He observed that the training would provide the student first aiders with the required knowledge on how to preserve life and give the needed care before advanced medical treatment is sought.

“Minor traumatic injuries including burns, cuts, abrasions, stings, and sprains normally require first aid before major treatment by health officials and that is what the students must be abreast with. The essence of first aid application is to buy enough time to keep victims alive before arrival in the hospital,” Mr. Tetteh explained.

Patron of Achimota School Red Cross, Peter Adjetey, said the training by Care Unit would particularly boost the morale of the 36 house nurses in the school, and members of the Red Cross.

The House Nurses, Adjetey explained are students in all the school’s 18 houses, designated to assist other students in accessing healthcare particularly during emergency situations.

“We have in the past invited the Ghana Red Cross Society to offer training programmes for our members to be constantly abreast with new methods of dealing with emergency situations, and the training by Care Unit has rather advanced their basic knowledge in first aid application and how to handle emergency especially during sporting events,” he indicated.

After the training, Care Unit, donated road safety equipment including reflectors to be used at night by students in the western campus (Westerners) who constantly have challenges crossing the road to the Eastern campus for academic activities.

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