Polytanks Ghana Supports Safe Water Network


Polytanks (Gh), the leading producers of plastic storage tanks in Ghana, has supported Safe Water Network, a non-governmental organization, to organize the 2018 Beyond the Pipe Forum.

This forum is designed to bring stakeholders together to deliberate on scaling up Small Water Enterprises (SWEs).

Polytank Ghana being one of the biggest suppliers of tanks to Safe Water Network, has forged a strong relationship that has helped Safe Water Network to supply potable water to over 100+ communities; complimenting government’s efforts of meeting the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on water.

Polytank Ghana provided an undisclosed amount toward the stakeholder engagement.

This year’s Beyond the Pipe” forum held under the theme “Taking Small Water Enterprises to Scale” brought together stakeholders in the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector, to build consensus on practical ways of improving the sustainability of SWEs in the country.

Small Water Enterprises, are community-based outlets which provide clean, safe and affordable water with storage tanks provided by Polytanks to deprived communities around the country.

To date Safe Water Network has set up ~85 SWEs in 130 communities, providing water for 320,000 people. The 2018 forum is the second time Polytank Ghana a subsidiary of the Mohinani Group is collaborating with the NGO to organize such forum.

Polytank and Safe Water Network have nurtured their fruitful business relationship to aid the work of the NGO for almost a decade.

Management of the Mohinani Group, remains confident of a long-term partnership especially now that Safe Water Network is looking to partner with other sector actors to scale up SWEs to serve more communities without access to clean and reliable water supply.

“One of the key objectives of the Mohinani Group CSR policy, is to partner public and private institutions in scaling up the provision of sustainable and safe water supply to all Ghanaians around the clock”, officials noted, adding that, “Polytank will continue to supply quality and durable water storage tanks to Safe Water Network and other government agencies, as part of facilitating the provision of clean, affordable and reliable water supply to communities”.

Mohinani Group, pledged it’s continued support to Safe Water Network in carrying out their mandate of building sustainable SWEs in order to provide rural and peri-urban communities in Ghana with portable and affordable access to water.

Management of the Mohinani Group was also hopeful that the findings from the forum will help address the challenges faced by SWEs.

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