Swift police-response is very commendable


In recent months, a lot of Ghanaians had cause to be worried about the state of security in the country as armed robberies appeared to be rife, and very little seemed to being done about it. In a state of anguish, many Ghanaians called for resignation of the IGP for reneging on his mandate.

Probably, today those making those calls a few weeks back will have realised now how premature their call was in the wake of the apprehension of key members of the gang that carried out those dastardly robberies – among which one saw a Lebanese national lose his life in a cold-blooded killing one hot afternoon.

True to their word, the police service has moved in swiftly and managed to record a number of successes by arresting key members of the various armed robbery gangs which shocked the nation and put fear into most hearts.

The police administration has been assailed in no uncertain terms following the spate of robberies, and it is proper for the citizenry to equally commend IGP David Asante-Apeatu and his team for the efficient and swift manner the culprits are being rounded-up.

We have always maintained that the police service is up to the task and have exhibited professionalism since the dawn of independence, but low morale among the ranks is due in part to poor supply of logistics, poor working conditions, and inadequate compensation.

In such a situation, the service’s performance is bound to be affected negatively – and this contributes to the perception Ghanaians have about the service. However, when they are equipped, motivated and supported by the generality of the public at large, the service is able to perform wonders to the admiration of all.

This Paper is happy and grateful to congratulate the IGP and his able team for the professional and swift manner the police service is restoring confidence among the public by the way they are rounding-up the robbers.

We urge them not to relent and bring the battle to robbers who are bent on disturbing the peace and creating panic among the citizenry. The President, on Independence Day, gave assurance to the public that his administration prioritises the nation’s security and will not renege on its mandate to protect all manner of persons.

We are testament to the amazing success chalked up in apprehending these criminals in our midst, and we dare say we feel much more assured – and the investing public will also be protected, which is crucial to our forward march.

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