Patience!!! …the secret ingredient of wealth making for cryptocurrencies


On several occasions, people have asked me how they can really make much on the internet in a very short space, mainly a month to 6months. Honestly no one can predict how rich you can become in a month or two but it is highly possible to be extremely lucky to make that much as has happened to few people.

That is not always the case, I am a crusader of following the principles of wealth making online as it is not a gamble. The more you gamble with it the more likely you end up losing a lot. But for the risk takers who have enough resources to deal with anything, it is not a problem.

On the cryptocurrency scene, you have seen and heard people who have made 5-6figures of wealth in a period which has mainly been a long one. People who bought Bitcoin at $10, Ethereum at $5, ripple at $0.001 have all had to wait for long periods to make great profits. People hear about cryptocurrencies and they begin to think, I will make that amount in 2months or 3 months. Which is hard to tell. If any investor placed a minimum of $20,000 on any of these cryptocurrencies at these prices, after the years and its current prices, you may have made $20million on Bitcoin, $3.8million on Ethereum and $20million on Ripple respectively. This will happen if you have the patience.

When it comes to cryptocurrencies, it is purely a speculative market as the dynamics of it is entirely different even though it follows the principle of basic demand and supply in economics to determine the price of it. It is simple, the better and more a cryptocurrency is being used for transactions, the better and higher the chances of its price going up. No one can predict the actual price of Bitcoin in December, but you can speculate based on past performance and indicators as well as the interest it gets from the public community. If you seek to build wealth using the secrets I have shared here before, then you need to possess PATIENCE. I can’t stress this enough. Whether a forex trader or a cryptocurrency investor, you need to get this heart.

It is rather unfortunate people end up losing money in this area as well as online because people fail to tell them about the risks associated with it. These money making areas are sometimes hyped by people to lure others into it without prepping them up for what lies ahead. This makes people feel lethargic and bitter about the prospects online. Nonetheless you should understand that online, money moves from the less patient ones to the patient ones. If you are impatient, you are highly likely to lose money almost in every area. When the market goes down and you are in a loss, just be patient and hold your cryptocurrency, it is likely is will go up again as the cryptocurrency area undergoes such volatility and its not a major case anymore. As a matter of fact, you can always buy more at that area as impatient people will be forced to sell. Remember I shared one fact with you in my previous article here that, the more the prices goes down, the better it is to buy more. Once you own a piece of land, you are not really in a hurry to sell. Having the same mentality for cryptocurrency will help you in the long term because you will be smiling your way to wealth when the market regains momentum.

Any investor I am working with is having patience and it is one of the main ingredient that will propel us forward. When you have it, you do not make decisions in a rush and you are very strategic in picking up news and applying them to your portfolio. A skill which is giving us progress in the crypto market and online wealth. But remember to invest amounts you can afford to lose. Have patience and you will be successfully dominating the market.

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