5 Reasons your potential employer/business partner/investor will not get in touch again


Did they say they will contact with you later? They even gave you their complimentary card right? But they never called and when you call they don’t pick up. There might be several reasons this is happening.

A lot more graduates are losing out on great opportunities, because their first encounter with a potential employer or investor was bizarre.

The first few minutes of meeting and talking to a recruiter/employer/investor will either lead to a follow up meeting, landing you a job, investment opportunity or a total silence.


What might you be doing wrongly?

  • You didn’t know what you wanted – it is good to always have an idea of what you want to do, as this helps a lot. There is no problem if what you want to do is not clear to you yet. What is important is that you have options you are considering and taking steps to getting there. But to say things like…..

I can do anything you give me.. I don’t really know what I want to do.. I haven’t really thought about it’….is a no – no!

To the graduates considering starting your own business, you may at a point need people to invest in your business. Hence, you will have to understand your product/service, why you want to be in that particular business, sell the long term goal of the business to your potential investor, etc. You can’t afford not to know what you want and why you want it. Your next business partner will only get in touch when he/she finds your business worth investing in.

  • You were not confident in yourself – No one can feel confident on your behalf unfortunately – you have to demonstrate it yourself! So when you have the opportunity to sell yourself, be confident, sound interesting and convincing. ‘Everybody wants to engage with people who are CONFIDENT!’
  • Your CV/resume/Business proposal was not impressive – Some people are lucky to have people ask them to send them their CV/resume for consideration. Were you surprised when he/she didn’t even acknowledge receipt of your email? Well, it was mainly because your CV was not properly put together or structured. It might also be that your CV did not highlight the needed skills or experiences.

Unfortunately most business ideas never become a reality due to reasons such as poor delivery of ideas to potential investor(s), poor presentation of business proposals, no market research, or the business might not be sustainable.

‘Take time to write your winning CV and Business proposal to be sought after’

  • You didn’t come across as a critical thinker – We hear this word a lot. Who is a critical thinker? This individual is a problem solver, can think through issues constructively and challenges the status quo. He or she makes intelligent contributions and seeks to get the best solution out of every situation.

Anytime you engage in a conversation, make sure someone out there is checking if you are critical thinker. If you tick this box, you will definitely be sought after.

  • Typos in your email – We are all bound to make mistakes; True! But there are some mistakes that are avoidable if one took the time to read over the email before clicking SEND!

Your first email to a potential employer, client, or investor should be one that is well-written and straight to the point. Some people assess your competency based on your writing and speaking skills. Unfortunately, but that is the reality, hence you cannot afford to have too many typos in your email if you want to come across as a best fit candidate.

The next time you get the chance to give your future a shot, please pause and ponder on these five most important points in order not to miss out on great opportunities.

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