Eunice Aseidu talks “Once Upon a Family”

...and working with Mercy Johnson, Pascal Amanfo and More

Eunice Asiedu

Each year, movie patrons in Ghana, prove their readiness to troop to cinemas to watch excellent Ghanaian productions. The challenge therefore, now lays on producers to continue raising standards and advancing the quality patrons expect. This seems to be what Eunice Aseidu has done.

Late last year, she set out on a misson, to contribute her story, to the history of the Ghanaian movie industry. Eunice and her team at EA Productions, began what may be tagged, “One of Ghana’s biggest productions yet”; sparing nothing when it came to quality, expense and recruiting the best cast and crew from across Africa.

The movie, “Once Upon A Family”, is heavily laden with secrets and is set to premiere on Easter Monday ’18. Therefore, we asked Eunice Aseidu, 16 questions that will take you behind the scene of her story.

  1. Who is Eunice Aseidu?

Ans: A young ghanaian lady.

  1. What was the first step in making  the movie,  “Once Upon a family”?

Ans: It’s always been a dream to produce such a movie and my first step was to reach the director Pascal and share my dream.

  1. Who was the hardest cast member to get on board?

Ans: I would say it wasn’t easy getting the Nigerian actors on board. Pascal assisted with that.

  1. What inspired your decision to work with Pascal Amanfo as director?

Ans: Pascal is like a brother to me and I have also worked with him before and I know the quality of work he gets done. So I believed he was going to help me achieve my goals.

  1. Beyond producing, you also played a role.  What character did you play?

Ans: I played a sister to Mercy Johnson.

  1. What inspired the title of the movie?

Ans: We thought of the story and it’s twist and turns and felt that was the best title.

  1. What are you most nervous about, ahead of the premiere on Easter Monday?

Ans: This is my first time and I just pray Ghanaians will come in their numbers to experience such a great production. I get nervous about how things will go that day tho.

  1. Why did you play a minor role in your own movie?

Ans: I have left acting for so long and I felt i needed to master my game before taking a major task.

  1. How will you describe your budget for the movie? Can you disclose the figures?

Ans: Huge budget!!

  1. Which characters can’t you wait for the public to see and why?

Ans: Richmond,JB…

  1. What about this story thrills you?

Ans: The secrets that get to come out eventually.

  1. What was the most stressful thing about producing Once upon a family?

Ans: Big cast. Big characters.

  1. What was the most blissful thing about producing Once upon a family?

Ans: Meeting new friends and colleagues.

  1. Do you hope to break any records with this movie?

Ans: Yes win awards both foreign and locally.

  1. You had a mix of actors from across West Africa. What were you trying to achieve by doing this?

Ans: I wanted to touch every part of the world with the movie. I want everyone to relate well.

  1. What are you wearing for the premiere on Easter Monday? + What should movie lovers expect?

Ans: Expect something extraordinary!

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