Stanbic engages key stakeholders at Achiever Series breakfast meeting

Lovelace Adjei-Aku, (Manager, Achiever and Workplace Banking, Stanbic Bank)

Stanbic bank has engaged 65 key stakeholders at a breakfast meeting dubbed ‘Achiever Series’ in Accra.

The quarterly breakfast meeting is aimed at bringing together captains of industry to dialogue on the bank’s relationship, their products and how to improve systems and services offered their employees.

Manager of the Achiever and Workplace Banking, Lovelace Adjei-Aku said, “Typically, achiever series is an opportunity to engage with our key stakeholders, the HR heads and financial directors in various institutions both government and private.

This is to cement our relationship, having dealt with their employees over the years. It’s a good time for them to give us feedback and for us to announce new products and propositions that are coming onto the market.”

Lovelace added that some concerns raised by stakeholders included Stanbic’s speed to market and an elitist perception.

“They realise that we come out eventually with superior products but before we do, the competition would have come in with just anything. Some of their employees would have signed up and it becomes very difficult for them to now leave there and come to our superior offering.

So one key feedback to the product team is that we need to speed up our processes. We will need to go and test the market,” she said.

She assured stakeholders that their feedback was well noted and will be incorporated in Stanbic’s strategy to improve services to employees and other customers.

“In the coming months, our customers should watch this space, because we are going to excite and delight them. All their employees will be excited. They will have a bouquet of products from insurance, liabilities, current accounts that work, digital platforms that work, that are easier to use by everybody whether you have data or not,” she said.

The Achievers Series is a continuous project which the bank hopes to extend to other regions in Ghana.

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