Magazine to promote African start-ups launched


‘My Story Magazine’, a magazine set to tell the story of young African entrepreneurs, has been launched in Accra.

The magazine, which will be published every quarter, is expected to be a one stop platform that promotes young African start-up entrepreneurs and their unique stories.

According to Chief Executive Officer and publisher of ‘My Story Magazine’, Nana Akwasi Bonsu, the motive for setting up the journal was to throw more light on every young entrepreneur making a difference to boost the economy of Africa, rather than already established businesses and individuals.

“We did it for the least personality in the economy within the continent of Africa in perspective. We realised one thing about Africa, a lot of people and companies including industries are doing great but they are hidden and it’s only a few that are being spoken about. So we created this platform to get everyone on board even the vendor on the street, to share their story to the world,” he said.

Among other things, the magazine will also publish information on investment opportunities in Africa.

Even though several magazines exist in the area, Akwesi Bonsu said ‘My Story Magazine’ is different because there’s an online version which also features other platforms and links to job opportunities and entrepreneurial ideas.

“Our target is for online because that’s the basis that the world is running on now. I will be coming up with our app ‘my story magazine app’ to meet our target group and what we want to do, it has to be online; The future for the world,” he explained.

He noted that his publishing agency, MSM publishers, will not only produce the magazine but also runs as a consulting firm and an advertising agency which contributes to the funding of the platform.

According to Akwesi Bonsu, one key issue that run through all the stories of entrepreneurs was funding due to the inability of most economies to make available funds that support start-ups. He also noted that getting credible platforms to join for marketing and advertising purposes is another challenge for young entrepreneurs.

“Therefore, that is the solution we have brought on board. A platform where we tell the story of the African entrepreneur, their challenges and the solutions to these challenges,” he said.

My story magazine and the online portal run solely on advertisements. There are currently no charges for publication of stories. The notion is also to assist investors who may want to invest in a business or an entrepreneur but don’t have a platform to fish them out.

In his speech Dr James Orleans-Lindsay, special guest of honour said that ‘My Story Magazine’ has created a solution to a problem.

“Magazines spring up and vanish into thin air but ‘My Story Magazine’ has proved to me beyond a reasonable doubt that where there is a will there is a way. And therefore, I believe that this magazine has come to stay for good I can assure you this magazine will create solutions to problems,” he said.

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