Siemens shows love to children of Village of Hope


Engineering giant, Siemens Ghana, in keeping with its commitment towards a shared prosperity for all, has donated food items and bales of clothes for the nourishment and upkeep of 266 orphaned children at the Village of Hope Orphanage in Gomoa Fete, Central Region.

The Country Manager of Siemens Ghana, Mr. Edmund Acheampong, while addressing a group of parents, staff and children of the Village of Hope, said the gesture was in line with its Corporate Citizenship drive of contributing to the sustainable development of communities in which Siemens operates.

He said beyond the commitment to impact Ghana’s economy positively, specifically in the area of power, infrastructure, education and health, Siemens Ghana was committed also to providing humanitarian support to individuals from challenging social backgrounds and also supporting institutions that lack essential tools and resources needed for learning and skills training.

“Working for the greater good of all underpins Siemens’ commitment to giving back to society. Siemens is in Ghana, for Ghana. We are here to partner a wide range of organizations to create opportunities for as many people as possible to benefit from and have a meaningful, quality life,” Mr. Acheampong said.

Besides the donation of food items and bales of clothes, Siemens Ghana is also renovating an entire building for the orphanage; the PrestonCrest House. The two-in-one house is one of 7 residences at the orphanage and is home to 32 girls who are catered for by their foster parents. The support to the Village of Hope is valued at USD30m.

According to Mr. Edmund Acheampong, the renovation of the PrestonCrest House comes with plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting and other ancillary works.

“Siemens Ghana is very happy to put smiles on the faces of these children. We wanted to provide a more comfortable family space for these children to live in, learn, grow and achieve their dreams, hence, the renovation of the PrestonCrest house,” Mr. Acheampong stated.

He added that: “Siemens Ghana would continue to remain engaged with communities and stakeholders within our operation areas, to forge lasting relationships and leave stronger footprints.”


Hope for children

The Executive Director of Business Excellence for Siemens Southern Africa, Ms. Rita Nkuhlu, shared her story with the children about how she also grew up in a foster home.    She encouraged the children to not let their circumstance limit them but rather always have a good view about life and aspire to be someone great in future.

“I’m here today to tell you that no matter your situation, you have a bright future ahead of you. I see great potential in you all, and you can do great things for society and the world,” she said.

Ms. Rita Nkuhlu acknowledged Siemens’ commitment to sustaining a longstanding partnership with Village of Hope where students are actively engaged in training and mentorship programs.

“Siemens is very much pleased to know that these children have the interest to learn and pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). We want to spark enthusiasm in these subject areas because these children are our future; they have the potential of becoming scientists and engineers who are capable of coming up with new ideas and the technology to solve Africa’s challenges,” Ms. Rita Nkuhlu stated.


Village of Hope

The Managing Director, Hope Children’s Village, Mr. Kweku Sarkodie, who received the items on behalf of the orphanage, expressed his profound gratitude to Siemens Ghana for the kind gestures.

“Without the generous support we receive from individuals and organizations, it would be difficult to run the orphanage. Village of Hope is extremely grateful to Siemens Ghana for having us in mind and in heart to support us,” Mr. Sarkodie pointed out.

“We are also very elated about the renovation of the PrestonCrest House. Our children can have a comfortable and a beautiful home to grow,” he added.

Mr. Kweku Sarkodie gave a background to how the orphanage began; stating that the Village of Hope started with only 8 children, but now has a population of 266 children.

33 children out of the 266 are pursuing various programmes of study in the tertiary institutions across the country, while 63 are in Senior High Schools.

“The Village also runs a fully-fledged hospital onsite to ensure quick access to quality healthcare. The hospital is equipped to perform surgeries and now delivers at least 35 babies every month. People come from nearby communities come to the hospital to receive quality health care,” he said.

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